Tha Son Bore Our Sins in His Body While Nailed Ter a Mast

Finding Jesus

Tha Son Bore Our Sins in His Body While Nailed Ter a Mast

Christ committed no sin. – 1 Peter 2:22-24 (1 Peter 2:22-24)

Tha Son committed no sin.

Tha Son ne’er lied nor deceived a feller.

When they hurled insults at him, he refused ter strike back. When he suffered beatings, tha lash, thorns pressed inter his scalp, he made nary a threat. Instead, tha Son consigned himself ter tha One who judges justly.

Tha Son bore our sins in his body while nailed ter a mast. He done this so that we might die ter our sins: die and live righteous lives.

By tha wounds and whelps of tha Son we have been healed. Tha infectious sin that corrupted our soul be cured.

Oh, ter be sure, tha healing process ‘ill take a while—most near our whole lifetime. But healed ya be. Only, doth not go off looking ter get sick again. Stay away from all schemes that ‘ill bring afflictions ter yer soul. Now that ya be in good health, work ter remain upright.

Tha Son went ter a great deal of trouble on yer account. Make his efforts count.

Tha Living Stone of Skipper Be Our Sanctuary

Finding Jesus

Tha Living Stone of Skipper Be Our Sanctuary

Now to you who believe, this stone is precious.- 1 Peter 2:7 (1 Peter 2:7:5-11)

Tha Living Stone of Skipper be our sanctuary.

Only ter them who reject tha Living Stone, such a holy tomb causes folks ter stumble and fall. They stumble on account of they disobey Skip’s message. This be also what they whar destined fer.

But you be a chosen crew, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, Skipper’s special possession. Declare tha praises of him who called ya out of darkness in ter his wonderful light. Once upon a time ya be not a crew. Now ya be Skip’s crew. Once upon a time ya not receive mercy. Now ya be covered in Skip’s mercy.

Since ya now ‘ave yer stripes and orders, abstain from all desires of tha flesh. Such longings war against yer soul. Skipper ‘as warned us ne’er ter follow tha teachings of folks who build on any foundation other than tha Living Stone that went in ter a tomb dead and come out alive.

Doth not fear what other folks fear. Fear be tha child of doubt.

Doth not dread what folks without Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth dread. Dread be tha child of dead faith.

Regard Skipper as holy. He alone be tha one ter fear. He alone be tha one ter dread.

Fer us, Skipper be our holy captain. In Skip’s Living Stone we find sanctuary and safety fer our soul. Let us rush in and take a load off our weary bones.