Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

Finding Jesus — Peter 3:1-7

Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

Wives, in the same way, the Son suffered fer all, in the same way he committed no sin, in the same way no deceit whar found in his mouth, in the same way the Son ne’er lashed out nor made threats and accusations but instead left his fate in the hands of Skipper who judges justly—submit ter yer mates.

Fer when ye do this, if he be not won over by words, he might be won over ter the Son by yer purity, reverence, and godly behavior.

Yer beauty should be from the unfading glory of a gentle spirit, not one that quarrels — from a quiet spirit, not one that boasts and demands attention.

Such a spirit be of great worth in Skipper’s sight. If ye wish ter make yerself lovely, put yer hope in Skipper. This be how the holy women of old made themselves attractive ter thar mates and ter thar neighbors. They whar submissive. Do what be right. Do not give way to fear. Trust in Skipper and give yer mate over ter him. Skipper and the Son know a heap more ’bout how ter corral and correct a feller fer ever chap be made in the image of Skipper. 

Husbands, be considerate of yer wives and treat ’em with respect. Skipper shouldn’t have ter tell ye this, but I reckon it be an issue fer some, else Old Pete need not bring it up.

Treat yer mate with the same respect ye give ter Skipper and more on account of she doth hath ter put up with ye all the live long day. Yer wife be an heir ter Skipper’s kingdom, same as ye. She also be yer life partner and a gift from Skipper.

Tolerating a wrong attitude toward yer wife causes ye ter follow the spirit of the devil. She be the mum of yer youngins, and those tots be watching how ye treat thar mother, yer may lay ter that. For thar sake and yers, doth not do nary a thing ter hinder yer prayers.

All must appear befer the judgment seat of the Son. If ye not be treating yer wife with respect, tenderness, grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and above all, love, it be a sign of disrespect to her and Skipper.

Of this ye kin be sure: ye doth not want the Son to be casting a disparaging look yer direction on account of how ye treated the misses. Shape up, fellers. She be yer help mate, not yer hate mate. Love her like yer soul depends on it, fer if ye neglect this gift from Skipper, ye be no better than a scallawag headed fer the gallows.

When Tough Times Come, Suffer With a Smile — tha Son Be Shining Down on Ya

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 3:13-18

If you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. – 1 Peter 3:13

Them who suffer fer doing right by Skipper and his Son ‘ill be blessed. Maybe not right off and maybe not in tha way ya expect. But Skipper ‘ill make sure he takes noticed of yer upright stance.

Ne’er ferget that tha Son died once fer all. He died fer ya, me, us, them, all tudders who may hear tha good news of his message and still turn up thar nose like getting saved by tha Son be a right offensive thing. Tha Son did this so that his righteousness might save tha unrighteous and ter bring them ter Skipper.

Ever feller ‘as a choice ter make. He can go Skipper’s way or his own way. He kin follow tha Son or keep sailing onward in ter deeper darkness. No matter if ya take up Skip’s offer or not, tha Son suffered by doing right when he suffered fer them who do wrong—that be all of us. Skipper blessed tha Son fer this act of “rightness” by placing him right next ter Skipper on tha throne.

If ya do acts of “rightness” Skipper ‘ill place ya in his kingdom.

When tough times come, suffer with a smile. Tha Son be shining down on ya, ya may lay ter that.

Tha Son Be Tha Ark in Which We Ride Through Rough Seas and High Winds

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 3:19-22

Christ went and preached to the spirits in prison, to those who were disobedient long ago.- 1 Peter 3:19

After some vile fellers nailed him ter tha mast and kilt him, tha Son be placed in a tomb and left fer dead. Only Skipper’s Son not stay dead. Tha grave not be able ter hold him.

So after being made alive he went and preached ter them unclean spirits in tha underworld. Now right off that be an odd thing ter ponder. A feller who be dead coming back ter life, then traipsing off ter preach to tha devil’s demons in hades, such a thing hain’t ne’er happened ‘fore or since.

Them tha Son went ter chat with them whar them who be disobedient a long time ago–all tha way back ’til tha days of Noah. Skipper waited patiently fer them reprobates ter stop thar sinning ways and repent. Months, years, decades, Skip waited. All tha while Noah banged on that ark, putting her in ter ship shape. 

When Noah be done and set sail he only carried a crew of eight–and them eight only be them in his family. Rest of tha lubbers on dry land stood by laughing, pointing at Noah’s ark, talking ‘bout how he had lost his ever loving mind, building a vessel so far from tha sea. Only Noah’s mind not be lost but fixed on tha words of Skipper. Eight clambered aboard tha ark: eight plus a boat load of critters. Them eight who set sail whar saved through tha water. Rest of them mocking lubbers on dry land went ter Davy Jones when tha flood come upon ’em.

Now tha water we used ter baptize folks symbolizes tha baptism that saves ya from yer sins. In tha same way Noah and his family believed and be saved, so ya ‘ave believed and be saved through a baptism of water.

Tha act of baptism be a commitment on our part of our agreement with Skipper that we ‘ave passed through tha water from death ter life through his Son. In tha same way tha ark saved Noah and his family from getting swept away ter Davy Jones, so tha Son saves us from getting swept away ter tha Lake of Fire. Water baptism itself be not able ter save us. It only symbolizes fer us and all who attend our baptism that we agree with Skipper that we be sinners, like them lubbers of Noah’s days, and be in tha new ark. . .  tha Son.

Tha Son ‘as gone ter heaven. He be at Skipper’s right hand. All tha angels, all powers, all jurisdictions, all commands, all control, all mastery, all charges and all powers in heaven and on earth be under submission ter tha Son. This be tha ark in which we ride through rough seas and high winds. This be our saving ship.

And still ter day a good many fellers stand by laughing, pointing at us, talking ‘bout how we ‘ave lost our ever loving minds. Only think on this: some of them folks be in yer family, yer neighborhood, tha place whar ya work, yer community. . . even yer church. If ya love ‘em, and I ‘spect ya do, try at least try ter talk ‘em in ter clambering aboard so they don’ end up swimming fer ever in tha Lake of Fire. 

Maybe if ya give ’em a ride on yer boat and tell ’em tha story of Noah they might come ter see that sailing on tha sea be a far better thing that swimming in it ’till yer arms grow tired and ya sink.

Folks Think It Strange We Doth Not Plunge in With Them in Ter Tha Same Flood of Dissipation

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 4:1-4

Since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin.- 1 Peter 4:1

If we be prepared ter suffer and ter face abuse with tha same attitude of tha Son, then we be proving we agree with tha Son and Skipper in all thar words and deeds. Tha Son faced abuse and worse on account of Skipper’s Code of Conduct. We should do likewise. Our suffering be evidence we believe Skipper’s condemnation of sin. Our willingness ter suffer fer a feller we ne’er met but only believe in on account of some old book we read, be evidence we cling ter tha hope that tha Son kin set us free from sin.

Tha Son suffered in his body fer doing tha right thing by offering Skipper’s truth through love. Skip’s Law without love be like offering a thirsty feller water from a salt spring. It ‘ill only leave his soul more parched. Only Skipper’s Truth offered in Skipper’s Love kin revive a body. Bring tha Son’s living water ter folks. Make it yer task ter suffer in this way.

If ya suffer fer holding ter Skipper’s Holy Code of Conduct then ya prove ya place more value on yer soul than body. If ya der things ter please yer body and gratify tha lust of tha flesh, then ya prove ya put more value on yer body than soul.

We all ‘ave spent enough time in tha past wandering around in darkness following tha ways of tha devil. Folks that follow tha ways of that black-hearted devil live ter gratify all manner of sexual perversions with a continual lust fer more. They get drunk, carouse about, participate in orgies, and prove they worship thar own self by participating in all manner of detestable acts which a decent feller dare not mention.

Folks of this sort think it strange we doth not plunge in with them in ter tha same flood of dissipation. And when we do not, they heap all sorts of abuse on us.

Be separated mentally and morally from all who promote such vile behavior. Skipper ‘as judged such folks in tha past with floods and fire from heaven and wild beasts and snakes. He ‘ill do so again, of this ya kin be sure. Yer faith be rooted in a person: tha Son. Yer faith be rooted in tha knowledge of tha Son and this comes from Skipper’s Code of Conduct. Arm yer self with tha same attitude of tha Son and Skipper and ya ‘ill escape tha flames of hell, ya may lay ter that.

The Lord Loves the Contrite in Spirit

Isaiah 66:2

The Lord Loves the Contrite in Spirit

The Lord loves the humble.

The Lord loves the contrite in spirit.

The Lord loves those who tremble at his words.

(Isaiah 66:2)

Lord, show me my sin. Help me ter see the scruffiness of my actions with the spyglass vision ya use. Well I know when I see myself the way you spy me, my spirit ‘ill break and sorrow fer what I done ‘ill drive me ter my knees. In humility I ask ya ter inspect me from the tip of my mast ter the bottom of my keel. Point out ter me my barnacles and rot so I ‘ill beg you ter fix me good as new.

Yer words clap with the power of thunder, this well I know. Tremble I do when you speak harsh words ter me. Beg you I do, Lord, be gentle with this old soul. If not, my feeble heart ‘ill fail.

Yer Fruit Comes From the Root in Ya

Sow Seeds From Skip's Holy Spirit of Truth, Not Seeds From Yer Carnal Flesh

Yer Fruit Comes From the Root in Ya

Think on these words of Saul Paul a wee little bit:

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. (Galatians 5:6)

Only do not use your freedom in Christ to indulge the sinful nature of your flesh. Instead serve one another humbly in love. (Galatians 5:13)

All of God’s law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Galatians 5:14)

Know this: if you continue to bite and devour each other, you will be destroyed by each other. (Galatians 5:15)

With these wise words from Saul Paul, and the Son as our guide and example, make it yer task ter live by the Holy Spirit of Truth. If ya do this, ya ‘ill not gratify the sinful nature of the flesh. Ya may lay ter this: the sinful nature of the flesh fights agin the Holy Spirit of Truth. If ya live by Skip’s Spirit you no longer be under the curse of his Code of Conduct with its requirements ter obey ever single law in order ter be saved.

Now if ya not be sure which spirit ya following, look at the fruit ya be producing.

The spirit of the flesh produces a harvest of sexual immorality, impurity, drunkenness, debauchery, idol worship, witchcraft and devil worship, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits and fists of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, envy, orgies and the like. Of this ya kin be sure: those who live in such a manner ‘ill not inherit Skip’s kingdom.

The spirit of Skip produces a harvest of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness ter Skip and his Son, gentleness and self-control — humility, righteousness, truth-led living, compassion, fergivenss, thankfulness and purity. (Ephesians 4:2, Colossians 3:12-15, 2 Corinthians 6:6) Those who sow ter please the Holy Spirit of Truth ‘ill, from the Spirit, reap eternal life.

Should ya spy a mate living by the spirit of the flesh restore him gently, ne’er harshly.

Finally, do not become weary doing good ter all, especially them who be in Skip’s crew. In this way we kin encourage and build up Skip’s crew. If we ‘ill deal with the root of sin in our flesh, we ‘ill harvest good fruit.