A Man’s Life Is Nothing

A Man's Life Is NothingA man’s life is nothing. Jeremiah 10:27

Lord, may you use my life for your glory and make my life something that is pleasing to you.

Do not learn the ways of nations. 10:11

Father, may I learn your ways and only follow your voice.

The shepherds do not inquire of the Lord, so they do not prosper. 10:21

Father, as I seek you, guide me.

Their idols are like a scarecrow in a melon patch. 10:5

Lord, remove the worthless idols from my life. May I serve only you.

God made the world by his wisdom. 10:12 The Lord is the true God; He is the living God, the eternal king. 10:10

By your wisdom, make this day glorify you.

He is the Portion of Jacob: the Lord Almighty is His name. 10:16

Father, today, please allow me to share in your portion — to enjoy your goodness and grace.