Tell Tha Truth or Ya May Wind Up Deader Than Last Week’s Catch (Acts 4:32 – 5:9)

Has Satan Filled Yer Heart?

Tell Tha Truth or Ya May Wind Up Deader Than Last Week's Catch

How could you conspire to test the Spirit of the Lord? – Acts 5:9 (Acts 4:32 – 5:9)

Not long after tha Holy Ghost of Truth come, all tha believers be of one heart and mind. With great power tha Eleven plus Matthias continued ter testify ’bout tha Son. Skipper doused ’em with a heap load of grace and his favor whar upon ’em. Get this: thar whar no needy persons among ’em, not nary a one.

Folks be selling property and bringing tha booty ter Peter and John fer tha distribution ter them in need. Now thar be no reward fer this giving, not ribbons, stripes, promotions, applause from tha crew. Folks done it out of love fer tha Son and Skipper.

Only one couple seen what be going on and they sold some land and brought most, but not all, of tha booty ter Peter. Tha feller who be toting tha prize made like he give all, even though he knowed in his heart it whar a big fat fib.

Old Pete said ter tha feller, “How is it that Satan has so filled your heart, Ananias? Look at me. Look right at me. You lied to me and you have even lied to the Holy Ghost of Truth. Worse, you lied to God. How could you agree to test the Spirit?”

Soon as Old Pete said this, Ananias fell out dead. Not more’n three hours later his misses showed up asking if they seen her husband. “We have,” said Old Pete. Then he asked if tha money Ananias brung be all thar was from tha sale? Lying through her teeth, Sapphira said it whar. Right then she fell out dead as well.

Look here: Skipper don’ mind if you sell some stuff and keep a little, or a lot, fer yerself. It be yers ter do with what ya wish. Only don’ be telling folks and Skip that ya give all when ya hain’t. Tha lesson of Ananias and Sapphira be this: Skipper expects us ter tell tha truth ter others, him, tha Son, and tha Holy Ghost of Truth.

Do otherwise and ya may wind up deader than last week’s catch.