Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.”  Matthew 5:29  (Matthew 5:28-30)

I know I don’ need ter tell ya what tha Son means by this, mate. Yer eye wanders more’n the bow of an island trader loaded to the gunnels and wallowing in heavy seas. Ya kin hardly keep from looking at stuff ya ain’t meant ter see. Know what I’m talking ‘bout, ya do.

Thar be a reason why some of our crew wear eye patches. Some got eyes plucked in battle, others had a knuckle er two smash inter that wandering eye.

“Cut it out!” Ever wonder whar that phrase come from? Right here, mate. If yer right eye, left eye, and them eyes that see things when they be closed cause ya to do stuff you ought not, cut it out, mate.

Not with a dirk. Cutting out yer eye won’ stop ya from thinking on what ya seen. Ter keep from seeing stuff with yer eyes you ought not, ya have ter fill yer head with thoughts from tha Son. Get his words and thoughts in yer head. Look only ter him. His brightness be blinding. And in this case, getting blinded by tha Son be a right smart thing ter do.

Do that and ya can wink and nod at them old bad things ya once gazed upon and then sail on.