The Law of the Lord is Perfect

Psalm 19:7-8


The Law of the Lord is perfect.

The Law of the Lord revives the soul.

The statutes of the Lord are worthy of our trust.

The Lord’s statutes — his formal written enactment of authority — makes wise the simple.
(Psalm 19:7-8)

Should we stumble over a law of the Lord know this: it be us who need a course correction, not Skipper’s Law. Plot yer course based on Skip’s Law, not men’s idears. Do this and ya ‘ill always sail the right heading.

Should we find ourselves beat down, discouraged, in despair, think dark thoughts, know this: Skip’s Law kin revive yer soul. Might be when we in a dire mental fix, the reason be we reject Skipper’s law and think we know best. Renew yer soul by reading and believing Skip’s words.

Should we be flailing about, confused, unsure what ter believe, know this: we kin rely on the formal written enactment of Skipper’s authority. He ‘ill ne’er let us down. If he says a thing, we kin stand on his words. Trust in Skipper’s written authority.