The Power of Skipper Be Present in You Ter Heal — Luke 5:17

Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

The Power of Skipper Be Present in You Ter Heal

The power of the Lord was present to heal them. (Luke 5:17)

One time four fellers brought a paralyzed chap ter the place whar the Son be teaching. Lowering the chap down through a hole in the roof, the four placed thar friend at the feet of the Son. When the Son seen thar faith, he said ter tha feller on the mat, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” (Luke 5:20-21)

The Son’s declaration caused a ruckus, fer only Skipper kin fergive sins. But think on this a wee little bit:

All our sickness be the result of sin — if not ours then from the curse that comes from original sin. When Skip created Adam and Eve he made ’em perfect. They whar not meant ter suffer sickness. But when sin took root in thar bodies, it bore sickness as its fruit.

Only the thing is, sin cannot abide in the presence of righteousness. Fer this reason when the Son says, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” he be declaring that the root of the chap’s affliction, sin, and its fruit, sickness, be cast out.

Doctor Luke makes a profound statement when he says, “The power of the Lord was present to heal them.” If the Son be present and he be the righteousness of his father, Skipper, then indeed the Lord’s power whar present in that home ter heal, fergive sins, and make folks whole.

Anytime righteousness be present, sins ‘ill be fergiven and healing ‘ill flow.

Saul Paul wrote ter folks in Corinth that, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21) Therefer, if we be in the Son and the Son be in us, then the righteousness of Skipper also be in us. And because we be fully righteous through the blood of the Son, when we walk inter a place, the power of Skipper be present ter heal.

We ‘ill ne’er be righteous on our own account, but in the Son we be holy and blameless. Therefer, make it yer task ter go about healing all and fergving all of thar sins in the mighty name of the Son.