The Spirit of the Lord Sent Me to Proclaim Freedom

When Jesus Whispers

“The Spirit of the Lord sent me to proclaim freedom to those held captive by sin, to set the oppressed free, and call sinners to repentance. Everyone who sins is a slave to sin. If I had not come, you would not be set free, nor would you be guilty of sin. But now you have no excuse.

For this purpose I came: to save people from their sins.

I poured out my blood for the forgiveness of your sins. If I, the Son, sets you free from sin, then you are free indeed. By my Spirit you may put to death sin in your body. It’s your choice. Now go and leave your life of sin. I love you. I really do.” – Jesus

Luke 5:31-32, Luke 4:18, John 8:11, 34, John 15:22, Matthew 1:21, Matthew 26:28, Romans 8:13

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