Tote Those You Love ter the Son fer Healing

The Pirate Gospel: Mark 2:3

Some men came, bringing to him a paralyzed man, carried by four of them. (Mark 2:1-6)

Several days after the Son healed folks and cast out demons he went back ter his hometown. A good many gathered inside wishing ter see him perform a miracle or speak Skipper’s words. So many crowded in that thar whar no longer any room fer a body ter stand or sit.

Tote Those You Love ter the Son fer Healing

While he whar speaking Skip’s words ter the crowd, four fellers removed tiles in the roof and let down thar friend on a pallet. Thing be, the poor chap on the pallet whar unable ter sit up, walk, stand, or do anything fer himself.

Right then the Son done a strange thing. Seeing as how the four friends whar convinced the Sun could heal, he looked at the man on the mat and said, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Your Sins Are Fergiven

Think on that a wee little bit: four friends cared fer thar friend so much they toted him through that village on ah pallet, climbed up the side of a home, took time ter remove roofing materials, rigged tackle and blocks and rope, then lowered thar mate down so he could lay at feet of the Son. We don’ know if the chap whar grateful fer his friends’ help or troubled by getting paraded around like an invalid, but thar he lay fer all ter look down upon.

Now the Son didn’ ask tha chap if he wished ter be healed. The Son only looked right at him and said, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Sin Unleashed Death and Sickness

What an odd thing fer the Son ter say. Not, “You are healed.” Not, “Do you want to be healed?” Rather, “Your sins are forgiven.” One thing we know: Adam’s sin gave the devil power ter bind us with sickness. Before Adam’s sin, all that Skipper created whar good. Not a thing he created whar imperfect. But after we unleashed sin, sickness and death followed. And because sin, sickness, and death now be our lot, the Son came ter destroy the power the devil has ter binds us. By the Spirit of Skipper who raised his son from the dead, he who raised the Son from the grave ‘ill also give life to our mortal bodies because his Spirit lives in us. Or should live in us.

Whar thar be sin, sickness kin flourish. But whar thar be the righteousness of the Son, the power of sickness be broken.

Content In Our Sins

But what if the feller didn’ want his sins fergiven? What if he didn’ think he had any sins at all? What if he whar perfectly content living on a pallet as an invalid?

Many a day we be content with things as they be, jest fine with the life we ‘ave and sins we keep committin’. But we not be fine — ‘least not from Skipper’s view.

In our quiet moments we may suspect thar be sumpin’ missing, only we kinnot touch the hole in our soul and heal the hurt. The Son knows this. That be one reason why he came ter fetch us from the depths of darkness — ter haul us up from the sea of fire and aboard his ship. He wishes ter fill that emptiness we feel with his Spirit, his very self. When the Spirit of Skipper gets in you thar be such a power at work that no sin, no sickness, not a thing unclean kin remain. We only need ter ask ter be filled with his Spirit — ask and expect ter be filled, confess our sins and repent of our ’em. We only need ter believe the Son be Skipper’s boy, that he died and rose from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker, and now be Lord of all, King of all kings, and our savior.

That chap on the mat might ‘ave been grateful fer his healing: might even ‘ave been grateful ter ‘ave his sins forgiven. But we don’ really know fer certain. Nothing more be shared ’bout his condition after his sins whar fergiven and his healing took place. The chap ne’er asked fer this blessing, but we kin. Anytime we wish, we kin ask the Son ter heal us, fergive us of our sins, and ter change us.

Will We Ask Ter Be Changed?

Question be, will we? Make it yer task ter pray that others ‘ill come along side and tote you ter tha Sun fer healin’ and savin’. Then once you be made well and become more like the Son, do the same fer others.

If you love yer neighbor, yer friends, yer family, you ‘ill carry ‘em all ter the feet of the Sun. Once he lays eyes on ’em, expect ter be amazed at the way he works miracles in thar lives. Savin’ us from sin and sickness and givin’ us abundant life be an act of love from the Son, you may lay ter that.

Parroting the Prayers of Skip’s CrewParroting the Prayers of Skip’s Crew

“Lord, you are our king. You testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to you. (John 18:37) Just as our Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so you give life to whom you are pleased to give it. (John 5:21)

We lay before you those who are grieving, those who are suffering in pain, those dealing with afflictions and preparing for surgery. We testify that you are our savior, the Lord who heals all, the King who sets free all held captive by the devil. This day we ask that you liberate these we name. The enemy has come against them with spirits of sickness and affliction. In your mighty name and nature we ask that your power go forth from you into the bodies of these we love and lay before you. Amen and amen.”

Pirate Facts

Knowing fear ‘ill often work better than jawing, ah good many pirates work hard ter built up despicable reputations of ruthlessness. Some inflicted pain fer pleasure, or enjoyed tha company of lasses fer pleasure. Others treated thar captives tha way they might ah sister or mum, with kindness, but not often.