Walking on Waves Be a Fer Piece Easier Than Pulling Oars on a Tiny Boat

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Walking on Waves Be a Fer Piece Easier Than Pulling Oars on a Tiny Boat

Before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. – Mark 6:48 (Mark 6:45-51)

After tha Son dismissed tha crowd he made his disciples get in ter tha tiny boat and sail ahead of him ter tha other side of tha lake. Once his mates sailed on, tha Son went (at last) up on a mountainside ter rest and pray and think ’bout his cousin John who King Herod had beheaded.

When evening come, tha Son be alone on land. Far below he seen his mates in that tiny boat straining at tha oars. Tha wind be up and agin them. Waves be breaking over tha bow. Around three a.m. or so, tha Son went down ter tha shore and began walking on tha lake, fer tha shortest line from whar he be ter tha village of Bethsaida be straight across tha water.

When he caught up ter tha boat he kept walking like he was ’bout ter stroll on past. Right then his mates cried out, “It be a ghost!”

Tha Son stopped, wheeled and said ter ’em, “Take courage. It is I. Do not be afraid.”

Now Old Pete, being a feller who always be seeking ter show he be bold and such, climbed out of tha boat and began walking on water like tha Son. Only, he didn’t get all tha way ter tha Son fer he got scared and started ter sink.

Tha Son fetched up Old Pete and both of ’em clambered in ter tha tiny boat. Soon as tha Son be settled, tha wind died down, waves backed off. All became calm, fer in tha Son we find a sort of peace no man kin explain. Another peculiar thing happened, as well. Immediately tha boat reached tha shore whar they be heading.

Now think on this a wee little bit:
Tha Son sent his mates ahead of him in tha tiny boat.
Tha Son no doubt knowed a squall would come up in tha night.
Tha Son prayed and got a good night’s rest (most likely) on soft green grass while his mates struggled ter make way.
Tha Son rose around 3 a.m., seen his mates struggling, but did not rebuke tha waves and wind as at other times.
Tha Son strolled out ter whar his mates be in tha boat and looked ter be going on without even stopping.
Tha Son only paused ter help when his mates cried out in terror.

Why, ya may ask, doth tha Son behave this way? How come he sent his mates in ter a squall without fair warning? How come he ne’er lifted a finger ter help ’em ’till they worked near all night and even then he acted like he didn’ care?

‘Ave ya ever felt like Skipper sent ya in ter a storm without any regard fer how things ‘ill turn out? If so, think on this: tha Son knowed tha whole time whar that tiny boat be. Knowed and cared. Only sometimes, most times I reckon, tha Son figures we kin do tha normal stuff on our own — like row a boat — if only we ‘ill make tha effort. And even if we doth not work out as we hope, thar be lessons ter be learned and bonds ter be formed, and thanks ter be offered ter Skipper once tha storm ‘as passed.

Ne’er think tha Son and Skip don’ know tha fix ya be in. Only also know that we be made in Skip’s image. That means we got brains and smarts and a wee bit of creativity.

Use yer skull fer some thing other than a hat rack.

Check tha weather fer ya sail at night. Take mates with ya who ‘ave strong backs. And if ya see what looks ter be a ghost walking past on tha water, ask if ya kin step out and stroll along side. Might be walking on waves be a fer piece easier than pulling oars in a tiny boat.