We Hain’t Ne’er Seen Anything Like This!

Finding Jesus

We Hain't Ne'er Seen Anything Like This!

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Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts. – Mark 2:8 (Mark 2:6-12)

Now some teachers of the law be sitting thar thinking ter themselves, “Why doth this feller say such things? Why, he be speaking things only Skipper ‘as a right ter say! Who can forgive sins but Skip alone?”

This be thar heart.

Right off tha Sun knowed in his spirit what they be thinking, so he said ter them sump’n like this: “Why ya be thinking such nonsense? Which be easier ter say to this poor feller? ‘Your sins be forgiven,’ or, ‘Get up! Take your mat! Walk!’? But so as ya know that the Son of Adam ‘as authority on earth ter fergive sins, I ‘ill tell tha feller: ‘Get up! Take yer mat. Go home.”  

Right then tha oddest thing happen: that poor feller who could not walk hopped up, took his mat as ordered, and walked out in full view of them all. Ever one thar be amazed, yer may lay ter that, and they praised Skipper and went on ter say, “We hain’t ne’er seen anything like this!”

No, I reckon not.

Think on this a wee little bit:
Law teachers . . .
Thinking teachers . . .
Doubting teachers . . .
Defenders of Skipper teachers . . . be asking “Why” tha Sun talks like he doth and “Who” other than Skip kin fergive sins. ‘Fore we go shaming and blaming teachers of tha law and other teachers who be trained in Skipper’s Code of Conduct, we ought ter check our own spirit. Doth we think we know all thar be ter know ’bout Skip’s Code —  all tha “ways,” “whys,” “whats,” and “will” of Skip?

This all knowing Sun . . .
This Sun of Adam who be disturbed in his spirit ’bout tha faith of them teachers . . .
This Sun of Adam who presented a right fair question ’bout which be easier ter say . . .
This Sun of Adam who took time out of fergiving a feller’s sins and healing tha mate in order ter lay out his reasons fer speaking tha way he done . . . 

This Sun of Adam gives us tha same charge he gave that feller on that mat:

Get up! (Stop felling sorry fer yer self. Make tha effort ter lift yer chin.)
Take up yer mat; take up yer cross! (Put off yer old self – put on tha character of tha Sun.)
Go! (Head back ter yer family and friends – tell’em what tha Sun done fer ya.)

Them thar in that home had ne’er seen anything like Sun — nor ‘ave we. If we ‘ill simply step outside, look up and think on how tha sky, sun, stars, moon, air, wind, clouds, rain, and all came ter be in jest tha right way fer our enjoyment, we might hear tha Sun calling ter us: “Ya be fergiven of yer sins. Now go! Sin no more! Tell folks what tha Sun done fer ya!”