We ‘ill Never See Another Day Tha Same Way Ever Agin

Finding Jesus

We 'ill Never See Another Day Tha Same Way Ever Agin

While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” – Luke 24:36 (Luke 24:36-49)

Help With Our Fear

Hours after certain women told strange tales ’bout going ter anoint tha Son’s body, his disciples–and we now be counted as such–still be talking ’bout his empty tomb. No body. No clue as ter whar it went or who took it. Peter and tha tutters be scared and frightened. After all, soldiers beat tha Son ter a pulp and nailed him ter tha mast like a common criminal. Had we been thar, no doubt we be trembling with fear, too. Then while we all be talking ’bout this, tha Son be standing among us saying, “Peace be with you.” Right then tha Son helps us get shed of our worst fears–even and especially our fear of death.

Help With Our Doubts

“Why ya be troubled,” tha Son asked. “Why doth doubts rise in yer minds?” Tha better question might be: who in thar right mind would not be scared and ‘ave doubts ’bout tha Son’s promise that he would rise from tha grave? But here he be, standing before us and holding out his hands with tha nail holes in his wrists. Looking down we stare at his feet that show whar tha spikes left holes wide as a thumb in his flesh. Kin still see some bone, we kin. Then, like any feller after three days of not eating, he says, “I be hungry. ‘Ave ya anything ter eat?” Right then tha Son takes away all our doubts while he offers ter sup and sip with us.

Doubts Become Joy With Amazement

Only because tha thing we be seeing, hearing, touching be ter good ter be true, now we ‘ave a different sort of doubt: a doubt of disbelief that comes from joy and amazement. Right then tha Son turns our worry and wonder in ter worship.

Closed Minds Ter Open Minds Ter Minds Filled With Understanding

Now he opens our minds so we kin understand tha Law, tha Prophets, tha Psalms. He points ter tha Scriptures and says, “Right cheer? This be ’bout me. And here? Me, again. Over in this part? Me, me, me.” Right then Skipper’s words come alive, causing our hearts ter burn within us.

Only now that tha Son ‘as had his fill of fish and bread and we now know fer certain that them who go ter Davy Jones kin come back from that grave, tha Son leads us, blesses us, and leaves us.

Off we go worshipping tha Son.
Off we go as directed.
Off we go with great joy in our hearts.
Off we go ter share what we ‘ave seen and heard.
Off we go ter praise Skipper fer destroying sin and death.

Today be a new day, a new way of seeing things. And we ‘ill never see another day tha same way ever agin.