We Might Ought Ter Rise Early and Head Off Ter a Solitary Place Ter Be With Skip, as Well

Finding Jesus

While it was still dark. . . he was praying. – Mark 1:35

Tha Son made it a habit ter rise early and get off by himself so he could chat with Skipper. We don’ know what tha pair discussed: could be tha upcoming day, reflections on tha day be fer, a listing of folks tha Son met and thar needs, words, worries, and such.

Most likely tha Son not be praying ter get something, but ter get someone: namely, time with his father.

This be our model fer prayer: ter get away from folks and get with our Father, tha Skipper of all. Whilst in tha Garden of Gethsemane tha Son prayed, “Abba (Pop), Father, for you all things are possible; remove this cup from me; yet, not what I want, but what you want.” In that instance tha Son prayed fer himself, prayed ter be spared tha pain and torture ter come.

This also be a model fer prayer: ter get a thing we desperately seek. Only we ought ter always keep in mind that what we want might not always align with Skip’s plans.

Could be this pain ya be going through right now be fer tha good of others.

Could be this loss ya suffered be for tha good of others.

Could be tha worry and stress ya be struggling with be ter drive ya in ter tha arms of Skipper.

In all cases, regardless of yer circumstances and needs, get off alone with Skipper. Cry out ter him. Plead with him. Listen ter him. Recite back his words, promises, blessings. Share yer fears with him. Praise him fer listening, caring, loving ya, and sending his Son ter die so ya could sit in his lap. End by asking Skipper ter glorify himself. If ya do and he do, then what ever ya go through ‘ill work fer tha good of others–and sometimes fer tha good of yer own self.

If tha very Son of Skipper found it necessary ter get away with Skip, we might ought ter rise early and head off ter a solitary place ter be with Skip, as well.