Any Feller Who Claims Ter Be in Tha Light but Hates His Brother Be Stuck in Darkness

Any Feller Who Claims Ter Be in Tha Light but Hates His Brother Be Stuck in Darkness

Whoever says, “I know the Son,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.- 1 John 2:4 (1 John 2)

I write ter ya because tha Word of Skipper lives in yer and because ya have overcome tha evil one.

Any feller who claims ter be in tha light but hates his brother be stuck in darkness. All who claims ter live in tha Son must walk upright in tha Son. This means we love our brothers and sisters and neighbors and enemies and all who speak i’ll of us and give us tha backhand and lash.

And how kin ya know yer showing love? Here be one way. Might sound easy, but a good many folks kin not bring themselves ter say this prayer.

Lord, help me ter love ______ with tha same grace and mercy, tenderness and compassion, kindness and care that you have for ______. Change my heart for ______ to be your heart for ______. Change my view of ______ to be your view of ______. Help me to see ______ the same way you see ______.

Except fer loving folks like Skip loves ’em, how else do we know we be in tha Son? Well now ya might think that be obvious, but it not be. If we obey Skipper’s commands ya be nearer tha Son than not, of that ya kin be sure. But if a feller says, “I know tha Son!” but behaves like he hain’t ne’er heard of Skip’s Code of Conduct, then he be liar and worse: slandering tha good name of Skipper. Tha Holy Ghost of Truth not be in a feller of such stripes, ya may lay ter that.

Once ya not know that Code and behaved in any old manner that seemed fitting, but then Skipper give ya his words. Once ya read and seen how ya lined up with Skip’s standards fer crew, ya made a course correction, ya did. Straightened up, ya did. And with tha Holy Ghost of Truth in ya, set a course ter follow tha Son all yer days.

This be how ya overcome tha evil one: turn ya back on him and high tail it tha other way. Then turn yer face ter tha Son and keep ter Skipper’s Code.

Not saying it’ll always be easy, but sailing in tha Son’s light be a good deal easier than sailing in darkness, ya may lay ter that.