Worm Poop

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Worm Poop

“John, whom I beheaded, has been raised from the dead!” – Mark 6:16  (Mark 6:14-29)

When that black-hearted Herod Antipas spouted “John, whom I beheaded, has been raised from the dead!, he be thinking that Skipper’s Son be a dead feller raised from tha grave — tha Son’s very own first cousin, in fact. He had no idea how prophetic his words be.

Now Herod Smarty Antipants be a right vile feller. He had John tha Baptist beheaded. This he commanded on account of he invited his niece ter dance fer him — perhaps in a provocative way — and he be so pleased with her dancing that he promised her any gift she wanted. At her mother’s urging she asked fer tha head of John tha Baptist. Tha girl’s mum, Herodias, nursed a grudge against John on account of Herod Antipas had gone agin Skipper’s Code of Conduct with regards ter sexual sin and married his brother’s wife. Such a thing ought ne’er ter happen. But thar it whar: tha king sleeping with and married ter his sister-in-law. So tha misses says, “Off with his head!”

Later Smarty Antipants had James, tha brother of tha disciple John, beheaded on account of this pleased folks, and he would ‘ave no doubt had tha disciple Peter beheaded, only Skipper sent angels ter rescue Old Pete. Furious that a prisoner escaped, tha king had tha guards who be keeping watch over Old Pete killed.

Our conscience ought ter continually remind us of Skip’s moral standards. Our conscience be tha eye of tha soul which fixes its gaze on either Skip or toward some other little god. This be why ever person ‘as a different standard fer what be right and wrong.

Tha end of Herod Antipas be that he claimed Skip’s glory fer himself. As a result Skipper struck Smarty Antipants dead. Alive one minute: worms eating his flesh tha next.

John tha Baptist rose from tha grave with tha Son — as do all who be in tha Son.
Worms pooted out Smarty Antipants.

Choice be ours: we kin follow tha Son and Skip or follow another little god. One leads ter life, tha rest lead ter worm-low standards. In tha end ever feller and lass has ter pick.