Write to the Wound

Write to the Wound

Write to the Wound

First comes the purpose: then the person.

Your shape comes from the pressure placed upon you as God delivers you into your role as writer.  We feel God’s joy when we do what God created us to do.  This is also your purpose, so write from your place of pain.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”

You were wounded for a purpose—His purpose—so write to the wound.

Your pain provides the power in your words, so look beneath the scars and remember the hurt. It is there you will find inspiration, a wellspring of empathy, and your voice.

You were made by God and for God to speak about God. This is your gift and His glory.

He placed this dream in your heart, not you. If you write for yourself you will become weary. Writing is hard work and too often the pay is paltry.

But if you write to touch the wounds of others your words will have eternal value.

So Ask Yourself

  • What has God revealed to me through my pain?
  • What wisdom can I glean from the experiences of Biblical characters?
  • Are there lessons in your daily journal that God placed on your heart? (You do keep a prayer journal, right?)
  • How has God shaped you for this book?
  • Is now the time to write this book?
  • Who needs this book? Think of a specific individual. Picture them reading your book.

Imagine how your words might touch them in their moment of grief.

Writing Through your Wound

Your past doesn’t control your future so don’t focus on your inadequacies.

Focus instead on the greed, resentment, loneliness, guilt, anger, fear, addiction or materialism you see in others.

Ask: “How has God worked through my wound to change me?” Then write through your wound.


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