Ya Got a Pair of Ears: Use’em

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Ya Got a Pair of Ears: Use'em

“If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.” – Mark 4:23 (Mark 4:23-25)

One day tha Sun told his followers, “If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.” This might be an odd thing ter say ter folks, but a good many ‘ave perfectly good ears and kin not hear tha call of a feller asking fer help, tha sobbing of a mum trying ter care fer her youngins, or Skipper whispering ter ’em, “Psst! Look over yonder!” So busy with thar own thoughts and worries, they be, that thar listening ears be stopped up.

“Consider carefully what you hear,” says tha Sun. Ponder what tha Sun says. Think on it a wee little bit. When ya read Skipper’s Code of Conduct, take it in tha way them who heard Skip’s words tha first time might ‘ave heard it. Take it in fresh and clear.

“With the measure you use (to hear), it will be measured to you,” says tha Sun. “And even more.” Like pert near ever thing else, tha more ya use yer ears tha better they work. Training yer ears ter hear ‘ill mean ya hear more and better. Catch things, ya will, that others miss. A bird chirping, waves lapping, dog yelping. . .  child laughing, feller strumming a tune down tha block, clink of a coin dropping in ter tha cup of a begger. Many a time tha sounds we hear be Skip calling us ter pay attention, turn, and look ter see tha source of folks making such a ruckus.

“Whoever has will be given (hear) more; whoever does not have, even what they have (heard) will be taken from them.” In tha same way using yer ears helps ya ter hear more and better, so keeping ’em shut up ‘ill cause thar muscles ter get weak. In time ya ‘ill be deaf as a cockle conch. 

Tha Sun made it his task ter always be listening and looking about fer them that be seeking him. This ought ter be our task as well: ter keep an ear out fer mates in distress or who be in joy. If ya hear ’em calling out–good or bad, happy or sad–take ’em ter Skip in prayer.

Ya got a pair of ears: use ’em.