Ya ‘ill Always ‘ave a Place of Honor in Skipper’s Presence

Finding Jesus

Ya 'ill Always 'ave a Place of Honor in Skipper's Presence

In response ter tha Son’s words, “You who leave all to follow me will receive 100 times as much in this age and the age to come,” James and John said to tha Son, “We want you to do for us whatever we ask.”

Be that not like us? In tha name of tha Son we ask him fer a thing and expect him ter grant our wishes. Only when James and John asked fer high positions of honor, tha Son replied, “You do not know what you are asking.”

That also be jest like us. We think tha thing we want be fer our good, only it not always be tha best thing. Ah good many who asked fer sumpin’ find out later it be a curse or worse: a cruel slave master.

Tha Son asked James and John, “Can you be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?”

“We can!” we ‘ill  often reply. Only think on this a wee little bit: what James and John be asking fer is places of honor, power, and prestige alongside tha Son. But ter get such they would ‘ave ter endure mockery, slander, beatings, imprisonment, beheadings. Most likely when they put tha request ter tha Son, that not be what they had in mind.

“You will be baptized with my baptism, “tha Son told ’em, “but ter sit in places of honor on my left and right is not for me to grant. Those places belong to those for whom they have been prepared.”

As ya well know, if ya be sailing in a sturdy vessel, then even when gales blow, when waves break over tha bow, when wind tears through tha rigging and shreds sails, all be safe below in the belly of tha ship. Though all above me filled with terror, then held fast in tha hold be at peace. Skipper be our strength, help, and refuge. (Psalm 46:1)  It be hard ter worry and live with doubts when Skipper ‘as his arms wrapped ’round ya tight and hugging ya in his large lap.

Places of honor, power, and prestige might be a thing our flesh seeks, but tha better request be fer Skipper’s peace that passes our understanding.

Seek Skipper above all else and ya i’ll find ya always ‘ave a place of honor in his presence.