Yer True Beauty Not Be From Outward Adornments but by Tha Inner Glory of a Gentle Spirit, a Quiet and Calming Nature

Daily Scripture Devotional

Yer True Beauty Not Be From Outward Adornments but by Tha Inner Glory of a Gentle Spirit, a Quiet and Calming Nature

Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives. – 1 Peter 3:1 (1 Peter 3:1-7)

Ladies, in tha same way tha Sun committed no sin and no deceit be found in his mouth, submit ter yer husband. In tha same way tha Sun suffered in all manner of ways and made no threats but rather entrusted his situation ter tha one who judges justly, so ya too suffer ter care and submit ter yer husband.

Now ya may ask “Why?” Ya may scream, “That be not fair!” Ya may want ter call Peter and Skipper “chauvinist, sexist, boars.” ‘

Fore ya do, think on this: doth yer husband reject tha word of Skipper? If so, it may be that ya be tha only example of Skipper’s character that rascal ever spies. By yer gentle, calm, and pure character he may be won over ter Skipper and his soul rescued from tha fiery flames of hell.

‘Ave yer youngins rejected tha word of Skipper? Might be when they see tha purity and patience of thar mum and how she reads Skipper’s words daily, prays fer them and thar pop, they might be won over ter Skipper’s ways.

Yer true beauty not be from outward adornments but by tha inner glory of a gentle spirit, a quiet and calming nature. Yer true beauty be from yer character and love, not tha outward looks that be subject ter tha corrosive curse of age. Tha indwelling Holy Spirit of tha Truth be yer true beauty.

If ya be thinking Peter and Skipper be asking ter much of ya, think on this: tha holy women of tha past put thar hope not in creams and beauty schemes but in Skipper. Ya be made in his image and he be more radiant and stunning than ya ‘ill ever be with fancy clothes and outward adornments.

Doth not give way ter fear. Doth not give in ter tha lies of folks who claim ya be weak if ya submit. Submitting ter Skipper be tha strongest and smartest thing any lass or feller kin ever do.

Submit ter Skipper.

Submit ter yer husband.

In doing so you be tha Sun ter yer husband and youngins.

And that be a high calling and beautiful act that ‘ill never fade with age, of this ya kin be sure.

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