Your Bridegroom Calls To You

When Jesus Whispers

Your Bridegroom Calls To You

“My friend, hear what I am saying to you. The hour has come for you to hear my Good News. The Kingdom of my Father, the promise long prophesied by those who anticipated my coming, is whispered in hushed tones and shouted from rooftops. I stand at your doorstep. With great love, I implore you to turn from your transgressions and come to me. Hear this Good News: my light of redemption shines upon you. Allow me to wash away your sins. May you welcome the warmth of my love and let my Spirit fill your soul. You have been waiting your whole life for the arrival of my grace and salvation. Do not let this moment pass without sharing in my joy. My prayer for you is that we may become one together this day.” -— Your bridegroom, Jesus

Mark 1:15

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