Top Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block by Marcela De Vivo

Top Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block

Top Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can sneak up on you like a dark cloud when you least expect it. It impedes your thinking and creativity. Experiencing writer’s block is a writer’s worst nightmare, because sometimes it is the singular thing standing between you and getting your words out onto paper. The longer your writer’s block continues, the harder it becomes to get rid of it. That is why it’s so important to take the necessary steps to get rid of writer’s block right away. Here are some helpful tips to beating writer’s block.

Free Writing Exercises

Free writing is when you start writing with nothing in particular in mind. You just write and write without stopping for however long it takes to get the creative juices flowing. Starting by writing about something as simple as your breakfast and keep going until your mind gets into the writing space. Eventually, you’ll beat the writer’s block by pushing through it.

Free writing is a helpful exercise to do regularly. Don’t just try it when you are experiencing writer’s block. Instead, make a habit of doing it every day, or at least a couple times a week. This helps your brain stay constantly moving and keeps you creative.


Riding a bike, taking a jog, or even just a brisk walk in the park can all be very helpful in fighting writer’s block. Exercise can clear your mind from all the cobwebs enough for a good idea to pop into your head. Sometimes it just works to hush the negative voices in your head. It can also raise your energy levels and send positive signals to your brain.

Put Away Distractions

If your writing space is filled with a hundred little distractions, you’ll never be able to rid yourself of writer’s block. Put away the knick knacks on your desk. Shut the shades of your window so you won’t stop writing to drool over the beautiful day outside. Lock away your phone so you aren’t constantly checking your text messages and taking Candy Crush breaks. Without those distractions, you’ll be able to focus on your writing.

Go to a New Location

change of scenery can be just the thing you need to start up your creativity. Staring at the same four walls every day may very well be what’s stifling you, so changing it up a bit can be helpful. Go to a coffee shop with your laptop or sit on a bench in a beautiful park with a notebook. Go anywhere that relaxes you enough to focus on your work.

Eating Healthier Foods

Your diet has a lot to do with your state of mind. When you eat junk food, your body begins to feel fatigued and heavy. By eating healthy foods that are rich in antioxidants, you can elevate your mood. With a positive mood and high energy, getting over the writer’s block will be a piece of cake.

It may even be beneficial to supplement your diet with an omega-3 vitamin. This will keep your overall health in good condition, and ensure that you’re not getting dragged down by a frustrating cold.

Keep a Notebook At All Times

One of the problems with writer’s block is that sometimes it only comes when you’re ready to write. If you always keep a small moleskine notebook with you, you can jot down ideas, phrases, lines, and other pieces of writing that come to you during the day. You’ll no longer forget the important writing moments that pop into your head during the day. Carrying a notebook keeps inspiration at the forefront of your brain.

Unplug the Internet

There’s a reason we love the internet. It has everything we could ever want: games, social media, and funny viral videos, among other things. When we’re writing, we tell ourselves that we need the internet for research or the online dictionary. However, in reality it actually serves as more of a distraction than anything. You can always go back to the internet to do research, but while you’re writing your focus should be on your words.

Writer’s block is the bane of most writers’ existences. If you try one or more of these tips while dealing with the block, you’ll be sure to defeat it in no time. Staying inspired will leave your writing fresh and always new.


Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and mother of three in Southern California. As a full-time writer and business owner of Gryffin Media, she has experienced her share of writer’s block, and finds that changing up her environment helps her stay focused and inspired. Follow her on Twitter for more tips like these!