The Ministry of the Word of God

Let Us Share Out tha Grub

The Ministry of the Word of God

“It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables.” –  Acts 6:2 (Acts 6:1-7)

Tha ministry of Skip’s words be a high calling and a fearful undertaking. Early on in thar passage, tha Twelve faced a conundrum. Some widows whar being left out of tha daily distribution of grub and thar husbands and families got ter complaining ’bout this. Tha Twelve seen it whar a mess that could lead ter rivalries and mutinous motives, so they done what we all ought ter do when trapped in a quandary: they prayed.

Right off Skip’s Holy Spirit of Truth told tha Twelve ter stick with tha ministry of Skip’s words, that such work be tha most important thing. But his Spirit also advised ’em ter pick seven fellers who would fairly dole out tha grub ter all. These mates be filled up full with Skip’s Spirit and wisdom.

In doing this tha words of Skipper be fairly distributed ter all. Ne’er ferget that Skip’s word be tha bread of life. Fact be, we kin go days without feasting on a morsel of a loaf bread, but if we mean ter feed our soul, we need ter grab a heaping helping of Skip’s holy words ever day. Right off tha numbers of disciples increased rapidly. May our distribution of Skip’s word of life also increase tha number of them that believe in tha Sun.

Also, and this be a key point in this tale, a large number of priests became obedient ter tha faith. Ter day we might call such folks “pastors” “ministers” “preachers” of tha flock. Though such folks be in charge of shepherding tha Sun’s crew, ter often these fellers and lasses be ignorant of Skip’s Code of Conduct and worse, disobedient.

Ter believe is ter obey Skipper. Faith is obedience. Faith also produces obedience. If we remain disobedient, if we reject Skip’s Code, even one word of it, that be our way of telling tha Sun we don’ believe him, in him, and we don’ believe that what he done fer us on tha mast when he whar killed fer our sins be enough. Do we see our own life, our natural self as steeped in sin? If not, we ‘ill ne’er follow tha Sun. No, instead we ‘ill head off on whatever course we think best.

Ter be set apart as sacred and used fer a special purpose among Skip’s crew be our destiny. Only we kin not set ourself apart or become sacred. We cannot make ourself holy. Only tha Sun kin do this in us.

Pray that he will. Pray that he ‘ill lead ya ter share out Skip’s good words. Pray he ‘ill use ya ter point others ter our Father. Such a ministry be tha task of ever feller and lass in Skip’s crew.

Testify Ter Tha Truth of Life and Yer Words ‘ill Stand Tha Test of Time

Only with tha Sun and his Holy Spirit of Truth in us, we kin meet Skip's holy standard

Testify Ter Tha Truth of Life and Yer Words 'ill Stand Tha Test of Time

“We found the jail securely locked, with the guards standing at the doors; but when we opened them, we found no one inside.” – Acts 5:23 (Acts 5:17-42)

If ya go about proclaiming tha Good News of tha Sun, no doubt folks ‘ill forbid ya from teaching and preaching. This be what happened ter Old Pete and Loving John. They got booted from tha waterfront wharf. Then they got tossed inter tha local jail.

If our purpose and activity be of our own will, it ‘ill fail or fade, ya may lay ter that. If it be from Skipper, not nary a soul ‘ill be able ter stop it. Worse, them who try ‘ill only find that they be fighting agin Skip and in ever scrap that be a losing cause.

Tha standards Skip gives us be based on his character, not tha sinful nature we be born with. Only with tha Sun and his Holy Spirit of Truth in us, kin we meet Skip’s holy standard. In all matters we be called ter obey Skipper rather than folks. Tha Sun be our Prince. Tha Sun be our Savior. Tha Sun gives repentance. If ya be poor in spirit and unable ter repent, ask tha Sun ter give ya a spirit of repentance. Skipper ‘ill always give tha Holy Spirit of Truth ter them who ask and obey him.

This be Skip’s purpose fer ya: ter obey him, ter be holy in tha same way he be holy, and ter be poor in our own sorry self and rich in tha character and love of tha Sun.

Do this and ya may get flogged, tossed in ter tha jail, even killed. That might not seem like a good outcome, only think on this a wee little bit: tha glory ter come after we pass through Davy Jones ‘ill blast away all sorrow, all pain, all membrance of tha bad stuff we gone through fer his name. And sometimes, not always, but sometimes, Skip sends his angels ter rescue ya. 

Testify ter tha Truth of Life and yer words ‘ill stand tha test of time.

Tell Tha Truth or Ya May Wind Up Deader Than Last Week’s Catch

Has Satan Filled Yer Heart?

Tell Tha Truth or Ya May Wind Up Deader Than Last Week's Catch

How could you conspire to test the Spirit of the Lord? – Acts 5:9 (Acts 4:32 – 5:9)

Not long after tha Holy Spirit of Truth come, all tha believers be of one heart and mind. With great power tha Eleven plus Matthias continued ter testify ’bout tha Sun. Skipper doused ’em with a heap load of grace and his favor whar upon ’em. Get this: thar whar no needy persons among ’em, not nary a one.

Folks be selling property and bringing tha booty ter Peter and John fer tha distribution ter them in need. Now thar be no reward fer this giving, not ribbons, stripes, promotions, applause from tha crew. Folks done it out of love fer tha Sun and Skipper.

Only one couple seen what be going on and they sold some land and brought most, but not all, of tha booty ter Peter. Tha feller who be toting tha prize made like he give all, even though he knowed in his heart it whar a big fat fib.

Old Pete said ter tha feller, “How is it that Satan has so filled your heart, Ananias? Look at me. Look right at me. You lied to me and you have even lied to the Holy Spirit of Truth. Worse, you lied to God. How could you agree to test the Spirit?”

Soon as Old Pete said this, Ananias fell out dead. Not more’n three hours later his misses showed up asking if they seen her husband. “We have,” said Old Pete. Then he asked if tha money Ananias brung be all thar was from tha sale? Lying through her teeth, Sapphira said it whar. Right then she fell out dead as well.

Look here: Skipper don’ mind if you sell some stuff and keep a little, or a lot, fer yerself. It be yers ter do with what ya wish. Only don’ be telling folks and Skip that ya give all when ya hain’t. Tha lesson of Ananias and Sapphira be this: Skipper expects us ter tell tha truth ter others, him, tha Sun, and tha Holy Spirit of Truth.

Do otherwise and ya may wind up deader than last week’s catch.