“Ephphatha” – “Be opened!”— Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

Finger Licking Good Doctoring

Some people brought the Sun a feller who was deaf and could hardly talk. They begged the Sun ter place his hands on the chap.

Right off the Sun took the feller aside. Then, with the crowd far away and the pair in private, the Sun:

  • Put his fingers in the feller’s ears
  • Spit on his fingers and touched the feller’s tongue
  • Looked up ter heaven
  • Sighed deeply
  • And said, “Ephphatha” which means, “Be opened!”

Sure enough:

  • The man’s ears were opened
  • His tongue whar loosened
  • He began ter speak plain-like

Jesus commanded the folks not ter tell anyone. But like most times be fer, the crowd ignored his directives and blabbed about it. “Jesus has done everything well!” they said. “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.” (Mark 7:31-37)

Now think on this a wee little bit. The prophet Isaiah said:

“Then will the ears of the deaf be unstopped. Then will the mute tongue shout for joy.”
(Isaiah 35:5-6)

In looking ter the day of the coming Messiah, Isaiah foretold of the wonderful time when the Sun would take our infirmities with him on the cross and cure us by his wounds.

Question be: will we claim the healing that already be ours? Or will be keep on limping along with our sickly self whilst leaving our ears stopped up, tongue tied in knots, and heart broken over the sad state of our bodies.

Get saved ter day! Get healed ter day! Get Jesus ter day!

“Yes, but . . .” Faith — Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

Long Distance Healing

“The demon has left your daughter.” Mark 7:29 (Mark 7:24-30)

A Greek mother begged the Sun ter drive the demon out of her daughter.

But the Sun replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

Not a very encouraging word from the Sun. A good many folks might have hung thar head, turned, and trudged off disappointed. Not this mum.

“Yes, Lord, but I’ll settle for crumbs,” the woman said.

The Sun answered, “For such a reply, you may go. The demon has left your daughter.”

The woman went.

She found her daughter healed.

The demon skedaddled.

Fer the Sun, fer him ter act, Yes, but faith is good enough faith.

Fer the Sun, fer him ter act, the Sun don’ need ter be with a body. He simply needs to will ’em healed.

Who do you know that needs healing? Be the channel fer the Sun’s power ter flow through. From him, ter you, ter them, be quick as lightening flashing from the sky. In an instant the Sun’s power can flow from heaven inter ’em.

Send a command of healing long distance. Then follow up ter hear folks praising Skipper fer another glorious miracle.

Purpose With Authority

In the Sun Ya 'ill Find Yer Purpose

Jesus taught as one who had authority. – Mark 1:22 (Mark 1:22-25)

Because the Sun taught them as one who had authority, the people whar amazed at his teaching.

Folks obey a  feller who gives orders with authority. Folks act when a feller with authority makes a decision. Folks perceive power flowing from a feller with authority.

We may wonder how it be that the Sun of Skipper spake as a feller whose words carried authority. Could be in how he carried himself?

The religious teachers of the law spake words, same as the Sun, but folks did not rush ter hear thar pontifications. How come? Could it be the words of the religious teachers of the law carried the power of death not life? Thar words were rules of tradition heaped upon folks: rules which the teachers of the law made no attempt ter help folks carry. These leaders loved thar rules so much, the Sun said they would set aside Skip’s commands in order to enforce thar own man-made directives.

A man in the synagogue who whar possessed by an impure spirit cried out, “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are — the Holy One of God!”

Unclean spirits know the power of the Sun’s words — know and fear.  How come?

Could it be the words of the Sun carry the power ter liberate all who believe his words and demons know this? Could it be demons fear that them who believe the Sun’s words ‘ill ‘ave life and more of it if folks believe his words?

The Sun said sternly ter the demon, “Hush up! Come out of him!”

And it obeyed. The demon fled.

Them in the Sun need not fear sickness, demon possession, or death. When them in the Sun’ ave his Holy Spirit of Truth, sickness, unclean spirits, affliction, addiction, infirmities, and the like must flee at the words of the Sun.

Religious teachers may know a great deal ’bout the Sun and Skipper but knowing about a feller not be the same as knowing the chap with intimacy. Make it yer task ter be so close ter the Sun that when you speak ter unclean spirits of all stripes they recognize that you be buddy-buddy with the Sun and skedaddle.

Speak the Sun’s words ter yer injury, ailment, or pain. Then believe and expect such unclean, destructive, life-robbing spirits ter flee.