Though We ‘ave Not Seen Tha Sun in All His Glory, We Love Him

Finding Jesus

Though you have not seen him, you love Christ. – 1 Peter 1:8

Though we ‘ave not seen tha Sun in all his glory, we love him.

Though we do not hear tha audible voice of tha Sun speaking ter us, we believe in him.

Though we ‘ave not touched tha nail prints in his hands or fingered tha wound in his side, we be filled with a joy that passes understanding.

Because we believe, we be receiving tha goal of our faith: tha salvation of our souls.

What ya believe ‘ll determine tha course ya sail. What ya believe ‘ll determine whar ya end up.

Some folks demand proof ‘fore they ‘ill believe in tha Sun. Now seeking facts be a right smart thing ter do most days, but getting facts not be getting faith. A feller who ‘ill only believe when he spies facts, limits whar he sails and more importantly, whar he ends up. Be like refusing ter leave port ‘cause ya kin not see what lies over tha horizon. Feller like that ne’er finds treasure.

Tha prophets of old placed a greater value on faith than facts.

That prophets of old placed a greater trust in Skipper’s words than tha words of men.

Tha prophets of old recognized that they be not laying a course fer themselves, but fer a future generation.

Even tha angels longed ter understand tha things them old prophets spouted ’bout, but Skip kept ‘em from seeing and knowing.

Only now through tha Holy Spirit of Truth sent from heaven, we know tha route and Skipper’s great plan fer us. We ‘ave been told of these things by those who preach and teach tha good news of tha Sun’s coming ter rescue us.

Question be, will we believe, love, and live in tha Spirit of tha Sun?

What says ya?