Be on Yer Guard So That Ya May Not Be Carried Away by Tha Error of Tha Lawless Fellers

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Be on Yer Guard So That Ya May Not Be Carried Away by Tha Error of Tha Lawless Fellers

Be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless. – 2 Peter 3:17 (2 Peter 3:14-18)

Since we be looking forward ter tha coming of tha Sun with eagerness, make ever effort ter be found washed and cleaned and with garments that not be soiled. Make it yer mark ter be blameless and at peace with tha Sun so he don’ ‘ave ter call ya out on account of some offenses ya committed. Tha Sun’s patience means more time fer folks ter repent and be rescued.

Peter warns ’bout how tha Apostle Paul wrote ter folks ‘bout wicked behavior. Ter be sure, Peter admits, Paul’s letters contain some hard things ter understand and do. Because ignorant and unstable fellers distort Paul’s writings, as they do other parts of Skipper’s Code of Conduct, it ‘ill lead ter thar own destruction.

Be on guard against such fellers so that ya and yer youngins may not get carried away by this wicked pack of reprobates. Think on tha yarn below these words fer a bit.

In tha dark of early morning near the broad Matla River, villagers follow tiger tracks towards the forest. All be quiet. From within tha steaming mist shards of sunlight split tha blackness. Deer hiss and high-hop away. Monkeys scurry high up trees, their yips and hooting alerting tha posse ter tha presense ahead. Clearing a slight rise, fellers peer down onto the jungle floor. There tha tiger carries tha limp body of a child in its mouth. Jaws synched tight, fangs impaled in ter tha young child’s torso. Specs of blood marks tha beast’s early dawn trek away from tha village in in ter tha jungle. In this province tha tiger be protected. Tha tiger be sacred. Tha life of tha tiger be of more value than tha life of village children.

Like this yarn, Peter warns that sinful fellers may look harmless as a tiger cub, but when fully grown they ‘ill carry away our youth. Drag ‘em away from tha threshold of our homes and in ter tha jungle of darkness. Be on guard. Make it yer task not ter fall from yer position or be distracted from yer watch. Keep yer self, flock, family, and youngins away from tha jungle of sin whar tha devil prowls about seeking ter snatch away all he kin.

Grow in grace, yes. Give ever feller and lass tha opportunity ter repent, yes. Encourage folks in tha ways of Skipper.

But also take ter heart Skip’s warnings regarding tha lawless fellers who be roaming about and leading our youth ter thar death.

Submit Ter Wholesome Thinking and Ya ‘ill He His Glory Burst Forth, Ya May Lay Ter That

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Submit Ter Wholesome Thinking and Ya 'ill He His Glory Burst Forth, Ya May Lay Ter That

I write in order to stimulate you to wholesome thinking. I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and through your apostles. – 2 Peter 3:1-2 (2 Peter 3:1-10)

Some times a feller needs a letter from home, a word of encouragement from a feller mate who serves on another of Skip’s ships. This be what Peter did from time ter time: he scratched out a note, shoved it in a bottle, and send it floating on tha currents ter them far, far away.

One bit of advice Peter offered long ago remains as apt today as it did tha day he picked up tha quill. In tha last days — and we be in ‘em fer sure — scoffers ‘ill be about. They ‘ill follow thar own evil desires and resist tha idea of a time of judgement and a time fer being held ter account fer all tha evil done in tha body.  Such rascals like ter say, “So. . . whar be this Jesus ya keep spouting ‘bout? Whar be his coming that he promised?”

Fellers who say such rubbish ferget that long ago by Skipper’s word ever thing be made. Skipper be patient, even with scoffers such as these. Skipper would prefer that ever person come ter repentance and turn from thar wicked ways.

But no matter how many days and chances Skip gives ‘em, a good many ‘ill ne’er come about and sail straight with Skipper. They be off tha edge of the map whar thar be monsters and worse.

Them who mock Skipper’s words ne’er believe that tha Sun ‘ill come in his full glory and with judgement like a thief stealing aboard in tha dead of night. Whilst tha crew slumbers and tha night watch sleeps at his post, tha Sun ‘ill burst forth. Then it’ll be ter late ter change yer stripes.

That be how come we need ter abide by Skipper’s Code of Conduct and live in a manner that reflects his loving and holy character. We ought ter look forward ter tha day of tha Sun’s appearing and speed his coming with our prayers. “Lord,” says we, “may yer kingdom come and soon.” ‘Till such time, let us be about tha business of eagerly looking fer that day and telling others of Skipper’s love and grace and tha sacrifice his Sun made fer us.

Check ter see if ya ‘ave grown in grace and understanding of Skip’s Code. Doth ya have more insight of Skipper, more of tha Sun’s character, than ya had last year this time? Last month? Last week?

Purity be tha result of continued spiritual living with Skipper. Our vision of what lies beyond tha horizon grows stronger when we become more like Skip and get his view of things. It be tha pure in heart who see Skipper. (Matthew 5:8) It be tha pure in heart who see Skip’s hand at work in tha heavens, on earth, and in thar life.

Skipper asks, “Shall I hide from him what I am doing?” (Genesis 18:17) “No!” says we. “Show us.”

Submit ter wholesome thinking and ya ‘ill see his glory burst forth, ya may lay ter that.

Bold and Arrogant Fellers Speak Irreverently About Skipper and His Words in Matters They Doth Not Understand

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Bold and Arrogant Fellers Speak Irreverently About Skipper and His Words in Matters They Doth Not Understand

Bold and arrogant, these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. – 2 Peter 2:10-12 (2 Peter 2:10-22)

Bold and arrogant fellers speak irreverently about Skipper and his words in matters they doth not understand. Such reprobates idear of a good time be ter get drunk in broad daylight. Thar eyes always be on tha lookout fer women they kin have relations with; if not in a bed, then in thar mind. Ever lass they see be a potential partner. They ne’er stop going about seducing tha unstable. Left tha straight way, they ‘ave, and wandered off ter follow tha ways of wickedness that leads ter destruction. They ‘ill be paid back fer tha harm they ‘ave done, ya may lay ter that.

These fellers spout empty, boastful words. By appealing ter tha lustful desires of sin-filled hearts, they bait folks who be jest escaping tha snares of tha devil and take ‘em captive again. Scoundrels of this sort promise freedom from Skipper’s moral code while they themselves be slaves ter depravity. Of this ya kin be sure: a feller be mastered by whatever bait he takes.

If such degenerates ‘ave escaped tha corruption of tha devil’s ways after knowing about Skipper and tha Sun and now be entangled in all manner of detestable behavior a second time, they be worse off at tha end than at the beginning.

Better off fer them if they ne’er had known tha way of tha Sun and his sacrifice than ter know of it and turn thar backs on Skipper’s sacred commands ter confess, repent, and be cleansed by tha blood of tha Sun.

A lubber’s saying comes ter mind: “A mutt ‘ill return to its vomit; a hog that be once washed ‘ill wallow in tha mud, again.”

This be tha way of them who know of Skipper’s Code of Conduct — know ‘bout tha life of tha Sun and all he suffered fer us, and still prefer ter revel in thar abominable acts.

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