Advance the Gospel in Chains

The Pirate Gospel — Philippians Chapter One

Advance the Gospel in Chains

Arrr, this be me prayer, me hearties: that yer love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight inter the nature and love, grace and mercy of the Son and Skipper: that you may advance the gospel while in chains.

Fer when you be in love by Skipper in this way, ye ‘ill be able ter discern what be best, you may lay ter that. When you be filled ter the brim with Skipper’s Spirit of Truth, you be pure and blameless and ‘ill remain so ’till the day of the Son’s comin’. Aye, you ‘ill be filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through the Son’s Holy Spirit.

Make it yer task ter encourage the crew ters speak the word of Skipper without fear of retribution  By prayer — yers and others — the Spirit of the Son helps deliver those in chains: both ’em in physical and spiritual bondage.

If we be ter go on living, may it be fer fruitful labor. Ter go ter Davy Jones and be with the Son on the other side of a watery grave be far better than livin’ aboard ship. Regardless, stand firm in one spirit fer the faith as if the crew were one feller. Do this without fear of what be ter come, me hearties.

Philippians 1