Reject Evil. Say,“I Reject Evil.” Mean It. Live Like Ya Mean It.

Finding Jesus

Reject Evil. Say,“I Reject Evil.” Mean It. Live Like Ya Mean It.

Escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. – 2 Peter 1:4 (2 Peter 1:3-4)

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us by his own glory. Think on that a wee bit. Of all tha folks Skip could ‘ave called ter be in his crew, he called us. Now fer we go thinking it be because we got special skills and experience and ‘ave tha right heart and all, keep this in mind: nary a feller or lass ‘ill ever measure up ter Skip’s standards. All who ever tried ter live up ter his Code of Conduct kin attest ter that fact. So when Skip calls us, it be by his own glory and fer his own glory. Skip counts us a glorious. Whatever ya done in tha past, that be behind ya. Skip only sees ya as glorious and worthy ter be in his crew. Live in that glory.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us in ter his goodness. Think on that a wee bit. All sorts of folks think they know what goodness looks like, but Skip be the standard of goodness. When he called us in ter his goodness we shed our ideas of good and take on his. If we not be sure what Skip’s goodness looks like, we only need ter study his Code of Conduct and tha life of his Son when he walked on land as a lubber. None be good except Skip. Make it yer task ter study his ways. Then ask his Holy Ghost of Truth ter change ya in ter tha goodness of Skip. If he ‘as called ya in ter his goodness, he ‘ill exchange yer badness fer his goodness.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us in called us ter escape tha corruption in tha world. Think on that a wee bit. While others be dishonest or fraudulent or conduct themselves in ways that chase power, often involving bribes and coercion, them in Skip’s crew be acting with integrity, pure thoughts, and dealing in honest words and deeds. Deceit and manipulation be tha birth mates of then who change words and expressions ter mean a thing not intended in its original use. Ya see this all tha time with some folks. They ‘ill twist Skip’s words, or tha words of upright folks in a way tha be erroneous or perverted. Make it yer tasks ter read tha water, watch tha weather, scan tha horizon, and stear clear of tha snares of such folks who be under tha power of tha devil. Tha devil rules tha kingdom of tha air—squalls, storms, calms, all manner of winds that make it hard ter keep on course—but Skip commands them who be sailing in his fleet.We kin not control ill winds but with Skip’s strength, stamina, and Spirit we kin control how we respond ter ill winds

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us ter reject evil desires. Think on that a wee bit. Skip ‘as given us that power ter reject both evil and tha desire fer evil. Tha devil ‘ill try ter trick us in ter thinking we doth not ‘ave any control over our desires of tha flesh or evil thoughts. Don’ ya believe it. Many a mate ‘as lost thar soul ter Davy Jones fer believing that lying scoundrel and his pack of fibs. Once ya sign on with Skip ya ‘ave tha power to reject evil. Not on yer on, mind ya, but when ya reject evil in tha name of and under tha authority of the Son, tha devil and his horde of demons hast ter flee. They got no choice.

Reject evil, mean it, and live like ya mean it.