Tha Sun Always Rises From Tha Blackness

Tha Sun Always Rises From Tha Blackness

“You have a little faith. Why did you doubt?” – Matthew 14:31

Ya ‘ave a little faith. A little faith be enough. Stand yer watch and see how tha Sun arrives from darkness. How he rises over yer head. How he warms a body ‘till we seek shade. How his brilliance blinds us as his stars dance on tha water before us.

Ya ‘ave a little faith. Now that tha Sun be gone and ya stand all alone on tha deck in pitch, black darkness will ya ferget tha Sun? Say ter yerself he ne’re was? That what ya seen and felt be but a dream?

Ya ‘ave a little faith. Now ya ‘ave doubts. With only tha rush of tha waves beating against tha hull and the howl of tha wind singing through tha rigging, yer tripping back ter yer old haunts. And why? ‘Cause ya find comfert in a thing ya kin see rather than a fading memory? How is it that yer faith in tha Sun kin pass so quickly? Ya won’ proof tha Sun be real? Touch yer cheek. That wee bit of sting ya feel be whar his fingers brushed yer skin. But if ya go and hide and refuse ter come out, that too ‘ill pass. And soon, even tha vision of his brilliance ‘ill be gone. It be like he was ne’er here. Stand yer watch. Don’t doubt. Trust in tha Sun.

Ya ‘ave a little faith. Faith and fears. Faith and fatigue. Faith and not nary a friend with ya who believes yer tale of tha Sun and his warmth. This be tha problem of sailing this world alone. This be why tha Sun warns ya ter sail in pairs and double pairs. Tha company of others ‘ill keep yer spirits up when yer faith in what ya know—or thought ya knew—falters.

Ya ‘ave a little faith. All about is blackness. This be tha end of ever man without tha Sun. Blackness so deep, so intense, so wide and cold that a feller kin scream and cry ‘till his voice be but a whisper and still no cry voice back. Blackness—that be tha thing ya feared most. Now it be here. Now it be all around.

Ya ‘ave a little faith. But wait! What be that in tha blackness? A spec of blood? Aye! ’Tis a thin line of blood splitting tha blackness. No. . . now it be gone. All is dark. An illusion. Ya be going mad. Mad and talking ter yerself.

Wait! There tha blood line be again. Yes, thar be no doubting it now. A seam in tha great expanse of blackness. And more rich, dark blood oozing through. Blood in blackness, that kin only be. . .

Ya ‘ave a little faith. Here comes tha Sun. Ya kin see him clear, now. He be swallowing tha blackness with his brilliance. His blood be his glory. Ya be warm, now. Ya have hope, now. Ya have faith, now.

Ya ‘ave a little faith. Why did ya doubt?

Ne’er ferget: tha Sun always rises from tha blackness.

Of His Own Volition and Out of Love fer Us, Skipper Left His Throne and Came Ter Earth to Appear in the Flesh as a Man

Of His Own Volition and Out of Love for Us, Skipper Left His Throne and Came Ter Earth to Appear in the Flesh as a Man

God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. – 1 Timothy 3:16

Of his own volition and out of love fer us, Skipper left his throne and came ter earth ter be in tha flesh as a man. Fer tha time he walked about, he ne’er broke not one of his commands or ordinances. He gained fer himself all purity, all holiness, all righteousness. Even though he be tempted and tested ter tha point of death, he remained upright tha whole time.

Then, when tha time be right, Skipper surrendered himself ter be executed on account of it be our souls who ‘ill die fer tha bad stuff we done. Only now Skip ‘as died in our place so we don’ ‘ave ter. Such ah thing han’t ever been done before er since. In his living and dying Skip gained fer himself all righteousness thar be.

Now when we get inter a fix on account of tha bad stuff we do, Skip says, “Come up a little short of tha mark, did ya. How bad did ya miss it? That much, huh? No worries, mate. I ‘ill cover tha balance and get ya back on course.”

Ter all who turn ter Skipper fer help, he says, “I know’d ya kin not all tha time stay tha course. That be why I come down ter live in tha flesh. All ya ever has ter do, mate, is come ter me an’ ask and I ‘ill cover ya with my Holy cloak of uprightness.

Thar be no limits ter how many times we can ask Skip ter spot us tha difference.

Only thing is, if we ne’er think on how much it cost him ter gain all purity, all holiness, all righteousness fer himself—how tha one who made tha heavens and earth come down off his throne on our account so as ter wipe out our debts—could be we don’ really know Skip or love him.

Mainly that be love fer self and love fer self be how all this mess commenced in tha first place.

Come about. Seek Skip and his uprightness. Tha one who made all there is and ever will be wants ter make ya upright like he be. Will ya let him?

Contend Earnestly Fer Yer Faith and Skip ‘ill Bring It Ter Fulfillment, Ya May Lay Ter That

Contend Earnestly Fer Yer Faith and Skip ‘ill Bring It Ter Fulfillment, Ya May Lay Ter That

Dear friends, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all time handed down to the saints.- Jude 3 (Jude 3:3-6)

Dear mates, I urge ya ter contend fer tha faith, fer godless men ‘ave secretly snuck aboard and be amongst ya. I don’ know thar names, but I hear things. Terrible things. Stuff like they be wanting ter change tha grace of Skipper’s manner of looking past an offense inter a license fer behavior and conduct that be crude and offensive and contrary ter tha moral standards of upright folk.

Such behavior not be appropriate fer men in Skip’s crew, of that ya kin be sure. They shut thar eyes ter tha Sun, blotting out his light, so they can carry on in thar vile ways.

Ne’er ferget that in tha old days Skipper delivered his crew out of slavery in Egypt as an example of how he whar ter rescue all mankind from tha fetters of sin. ‘Course later Skipper had ter do away with tha whole lot on account of they refused ter believe his word.

Contend fer tha faith with perseverance. Dogged resolve be endurance combined with tha absolute assurance and certainty that what we be looking fer be going ter happen. If Skip says he ‘ill do a thing, ya kin set a heading that it’ll come ter pass.

Ever hope and dream ‘ill be fulfilled if it be noble and of Skipper. Contend earnestly fer yer faith and Skip ‘ill bring it ter fulfillment, ya may lay ter that.

Get Tha Order Right and Ya Kin Love Tha Way Skip Loves

Get Tha Order Right and Ya Kin Love Tha Way Skip Loves

“Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:28-31

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our heart. Some of us been in love. We know how a feller’s heart aches ter be with tha one he loves. We should ache fer Skipper in tha same way he aches ter be with us.

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our soul, tha very part of us that last fer ever and ever and never goes away. Soul love be deep and that be what Skip asks—ter be his soul mate fer ever.

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our mind, keep him in all our thoughts, be thinking of him at all times. When ya be in love, ya kin ne’er stop thinking ‘bout yer love mate. Skipper be asking fer us ter be thinking on him all tha time—not ‘cause he commands it, but ‘cause we kin do nothing but ter think on him.

Skipper commands us ter love him with ever bit of strength we got. Sometimes love be hard. Sometimes love requires we pick Skip over something else, someone else, even over our self. Buck up. Show yer starch. Love Skip like he be tha thing ya love more’n all tha world.

Lastly, ya may have noticed yer self be at tha end of tha list. Folks like us be inclined ter heel towards our own tack and tacky self rather than Skipper. And if we don’ love Skipper we sure as salt not be able ter love our neighbor tha way Skip wants.

A good many folks get tha Sun’s words out of order. They hear “Love your neighbor as yourself.” and think “how would I want to be loved?” Folks who think along these lines might be nice ter folks, but nice not always be love. Be nice ter lice and even tha mice ‘ill jump ship.

Tha Sun says love not work tha way reprobates think. We don’ love ourself first, then our bunk neighbor, then Skip. We love Skip first, next our neighbor, then our self.

Get tha order right and ya kin love tha way Skip loves. Get tha order wrong and ya love tha way that old black-hearted scoundrel, the devil loves—and he don’ love a soul ‘cept himself.

Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.”  Matthew 5:29  (Matthew 5:28-30)

I know I don’ need ter tell ya what tha Sun means by this, mate. Yer eye wanders more’n the bow of an island trader loaded to the gunnels and wallowing in heavy seas. Ya kin hardly keep from looking at stuff ya ain’t meant ter see. Know what I’m talking ‘bout, ya do.

Thar be a reason why some of our crew wear eye patches. Some got eyes plucked in battle, others had a knuckle er two smash inter that wandering eye.

“Cut it out!” Ever wonder whar that phrase come from? Right here, mate. If yer right eye, left eye, and them eyes that see things when they be closed cause ya to do stuff you ought not, cut it out, mate.

Not with a dirk. Cutting out yer eye won’ stop ya from thinking on what ya seen. Ter keep from seeing stuff with yer eyes you ought not, ya have ter fill yer head with thoughts from tha Sun. Get his words and thoughts in yer head. Look only ter him. His brightness be blinding. And in this case, getting blinded by tha Sun be a right smart thing ter do.

Do that and ya can wink and nod at them old bad things ya once gazed upon and then sail on.

Warn a Feller Intent on Stirring Up Trouble Among That Crew

Warn a Feller Intent on Stirring Up Trouble Among That Crew

As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.– Titus 3:10-11 (Titus 3)

Remind tha crew ter be subject ter rulers and authorities. Remind tha crew ter be obey at all times. Remind tha crew ter be ready to do whatever be good. Remind tha crew ter ne’er slander a body, ter be peaceable, considerate, and ter show humility ter all fellers and ladies.

Our service ter Skip be tha way we say thanks ter him fer hauling us aboard. Do not disqualify yerself fer service by spouting instructions contrary ter Skip’s orders or acting in a manner that shows contempt fer tha Sun.

Remind tha crew that at one time they be foolish, disobedient, deceived, and slaves ter all manner of passions and pleasures. All has acted with malice and envy. Hated and been hated by others, we have.

When Skip our Savior rescued us through tha washing of water and tha rebirth and renewal by his Holy Spirit of Truth, we be cleaned through and through. Thems who trust in God devote themselves ter doing what be good.

Avoid foolish controversies and arguments and quarreling ’bout tha finer points of Skipper’s Code of Conduct. His navigational charts be clear enough fer them’s that’s got an eye fer reading tha water and wind, currents and channels. Trying ter find rocks and reefs, bars and breaks in waves, that not be clearly marked in Skip’s passages be a waste of time. Warn a feller intent on stirring up trouble among that crew once. Warn him a second time if necessary. After that have nothing ter do with him. Of this ya kin be sure: a mate of that stripe be as warped as an old deck plank. By his actions he shows himself puffed up with conceit and condemns his own self.

Be Up Right With Yer Steps

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer how ter walk tha deck so ya won' stumble and tumble overboards

Be Up Right With Yer Steps

“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48 

“Pert near perfect,” says you. “No need ter change,” says you. Only them that knows ya well, can cite all manner of ills that befall ya.

“Ah,” says you, “but no man be perfect. Alls got some affliction er ailment that befuddles him.”

Tis true, we got troubles, thar’s no denying it. But tha kind of perfection the Sun speaks of be the sort where a man be fit fer the purpose which suits him best. Ter send a feller up tha rigging to unfurl sails would be a poor use of a gunner with a sharp eye. Be a sorry skipper that puts his crew in harms way by assigning men positions aboard fer which they be ill fitted.

Be perfect in the same way tha stars shine bright, guiding tha skipper. Be perfect in tha same way wind fills a sail. Be perfect, mate, same as him who made ya be perfect. Don’ be someone ya ain’t and were ne’re meant ter be.

Be up right with yer steps. In that ways, when ya walk tha deck ya won’ stumble and tumble overboards.