Skipper’s Righteous Judgment

The Pirate Gospel — Romans Chapter Two

You who pass judgment on someone else and yet do the same things ‘ave no excuse. Skipper’s righteous judgment be just. Ours be judgement of the flesh and born from the union of pride and envy. Man’s be hypocrisy, and our Lord, the Son of Light and Life, made clear those who do not practice what they preach ‘ill roast on the spit.

Warning: The Son Shines on All Sins

Be warned, mates. Skipper’s judgment on those who partake in wicked deeds while preaching his righteousness be not rooted in truth but foul soil. Fer when we, mere simple souls, cast judgment upon others whilst indulgin’ in the same misdeeds, we heap judgement upon ourselves. The Son shines his light on all sins. Ever’ thing done in the dark ‘ill be exposed in his light.

Judge Not!

Instead of judging others, we be commanded by the Son ter show Skipper’s kindness, tolerance, and patience, fer such compassion leads some ter repentance.

If yer heart remains stubborn and unrepentant, you be layin’ up fer yourself a stockpile of wrath ter come on the day of Skipper’s wrath. He ‘ill repay each soul as thar deeds deserve. Ter those who, through dogged perseverance in doin’ right, seek glory, honor, and the promise of immortality, they ‘ll receive eternal life. But fer ’em scallywags who be self-centered and deny his truth while treadin’ the path of wickedness, they ‘ll face the fury and wrath of the Almighty! Thar ‘ill be trouble and distress fer every feller and lass who do evil, you may lay ter that.

Skipper doth not play favorites. Whether we be a sinner without the law or under the law with its rule, the outcome be the same. Those who break the law without knowin’ it ‘ill still meet thar doom.  Those under the law who break Skipper’s Covenant Code ‘ill be held accountable fer thar actions. No one be spared: all face judgement at the end of our earthly passage.

Righteousness Leads ter Holiness

Those who obey Skip’s Covenant Code are declared righteous and his righteousness leads ter holiness. Lawlessness leads ter filthy livin’.

If you put all yer confidence in keeping Skipper’s Covenant Code and brag about knowin’ each and ever’ law, command, and statute . . . If you think yerself a guide for the lost and a beacon in the darkness but doth not sail under the grace and mercy of the Son . . . you be puffed up with pride and yer faith be headed towards rocks and reefs. The Son is Skipper’s Covenant Code and the Word of Skipper. Let the Son be yer righteousness and his Spirit ‘ill grow holiness within you.

In the Covenant Code, we find the very Body of knowledge and truth. The Word came in flesh through the Son of Light and Life. The Word remains with us now through all the Covenant Code and writings of the Son’s apostles.

You, who be instructors of others, do you not teach yourselves? When you preach against stealin’, do you pilfer from yer crew mates? When you say fellers ought ter keep thar pants on and not sleep with a mistress, do you do the same? When you detest idols, do worship gold and silver and gems?

You, who boast in Skipper’s Covenant Code, do you bring shame on Skipper by breakin’ his commands and law?

Keeping to the Code be of value if you in fact keep it, but if you break the Code, you be as if you ne’er heard of Skip’s Code. So, if ’em who doth not know of Skip’s Code follow his Code because any dunderhead with an ounce of common sense knows right from wrong, will they not be counted as keeping ter the Code?

If any brag ’bout the Covenant Code and yet break even one regulation, they dishonor Skipper. Skipper’s name be blasphemed among lubbers and other crews because we teach and preach his Code but live by our own Code of the Flesh. May it not be so! Repent! Stick ter the Code.