Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

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Fellers Be Considerate of Yer Wife

Husbands be considerate as you live with your wives and treat them with respect – 1 Peter 3:7

Fellers be considerate of yer wife. Skipper should not ‘ave ter tell ya this, but I reckon it be an issue fer some ‘else Peter not be inclined ter bring it up.

Treat yer mate with tha same respect ya give ter Skipper. Maybe more respect on account of she ‘as ter put up with ya all tha live long day. Yer wife be an heir ter Skipper’s kingdom, same as ya. She also be yer life partner and gift from Skipper.

Tolerating a wrong attitude toward yer mate cause ya ter follow tha spirit of tha devil. Yer misses also be tha mum of yer youngins and they be watching how ya treat thar mother, yer may lay ter that. Fer thar sake and yers, doth not do nary a thing ter hinder yer prayers.

We must all appear ‘fore tha judgment seat of tha Sun. If ya not be treating yer wife with respect, tenderness, grace, mercy, compassion, fergiveness and above all, love, it be a sign of disrespect ter her and Skip.

Of this ya kin be sure: ya doth not want tha Sun ter be casting a disparaging look yer direction on account of how ya treated tha misses,