Romans Chapter Eight

The Pirate Bible and Gospel of the Son of Light and Life

Skipper works fer the good of those who love him, who keep ter his Code. Those who love him bring about good, not evil, fer this be his grand purpose. Romans 8:28

Those Skipper calls into her crew be destined ter be conformed into the likeness of his Son, and this among many brothers and sisters of the sea. We be united in spirit, and sail with the one Great Wind. The Wind and Son guide us through treacherous waters. We be forgiven of our debts, saved from our sins, turned from our wicked ways, and glorified as true blue crew. Romans 8:29-30

Who can stand against us? Aye, not a soul, you may lay ter that, fer we ‘ave the Wind at our backs and within us, sending us forth like ship bound fer an island filled with treasure. We be in the Son, and the Son be in us and upon us. Will Skipper not only give us all the necessary booty necessary fer this voyage? Who will bring a charge against this crew? Mark my word, not a soul. It be Skipper who saves, justifies, makes us righteous, holy, and glorifies us. Romans 8:29-33

Sail on, mate. We be bound fer glory.