Romans Chapter Five

The Pirate Bible and Gospel of the Son of Light and Life

Through faith in the Son, we ‘ave peace with Skipper and be welcomed into Skip’s good standing. Romans 5:1-2

We be raisin’ a cheer in the face o’ our sufferings, fer it be the trials that forge our perseverance, and that perseverance molds us into hearty mates. Aye, from rough seas, storms and tempests, springs the bright beacon of hope and hope of life in the Son be the anchor that never fails us, you may lay ter that. Through Skipper’s Holy Spirit of Truth, he be pourin’ his love into our very hearts, just as he declared. Romans 5:5.

In our darkest hours, when we be as good as dead under the weight of the pirate’s curse and helpless ter lend ourselves a hand. It be the Son who gave his life for ours and rescued us from Davy Jones. It be through the shed blood of the Son that we be saved from the fury of Skipper. Because of the Son’s sacrifice on the main mast, we ‘ave been brought back into good graces with Skipper. That be why arrrr not only shipmates of the Son but regarded as Skipper’s own kin, his beloved children. Romans 5:7-9, 11

Death, me hearties, snuck aboard thanks ter Adam’s sin and sin brought upon all crew the pirate’s curse. Afore Skipper bestowed upon us his Covenant Code, that pirate’s curse sentenced a feller ter walk the plank and yet Skipper held back execution of the sentence of death, fer he deals fairly with all. That be why, mates, all who embrace the grace offered by Skipper receive a full measure of righteousness through the Son, along with the promise of eternal life. Romans 5:12-13, 16-17

Skip’s Covenant Code be issued ter the crew in order ter make fellers know the nature and character of Skip. Aye, in knowing ’bout what Skip expects from us, we proved we could not keep ter the Code, but by thunder at least we now know what Skip expects from all crew. While that Covenant Code be pointin’ folks in the right direction fer leading an upright life, truth be told, none can fully measure up to its standards. Fer this reason those who wish ter reach port safely ought ter welcome into thar hearts the Son and receive his Holy Spirit of Truth. Do this and we ‘ill be a crew in tip top shape, you may lay ter that. Romans 5:20-21