Romans Chapter Four

The Pirate Bible and Gospel of the Son of Light and Life

The first commander of our fleet, Abraham, believed in Skipper, and it be counted as righteousness ter him. Fer faith in Skipper without action be no faith at all, but mere talk. Romans 4:3

He who toils receives his due as a debt, not as a free treasure. But the feller who don’t toil but trusts in Skipper — who justifies even the most unsavory scalawag — ‘ill be counted as righteous because of his faith. Romans 4:4-5

The Covenant Code stirs up the fury of the flesh and makes a feller wish ter do things Skipper forbids. Even in lands and islands where Skipper’s Code ain’t never been read or heard, thar be wrongdoing, and the conscience of a feller or lass condemns them. Romans 4:15

Mate, be fully persuaded that Skipper has the power to do what he promised and he ‘ill bring all into account when we reach port. Romans 4:21