Advent — Day Eight

When Jesus Whispers

Advent Day - Eight

Advent !!!  I Am Coming Soon!

Come to me so I might give you great blessings. When you trust in me, you will be blessed.

I will do marvelous things for you. My mercy knows no limits. My grace reaches to all who trust in me.

I scatter the proud. I bring down rulers and exalt the humble.

The hungry I fill with abundant goodness, while the rich and proud I send away empty-handed.

Ask me to bless you and watch over you … to shower you with my grace and mercy. Ask for my face to shine upon you, radiating my warmth and favor.

I help those who put their trust in me. I Know the names of those who seek my help. Ask, wait, and put your faith in me.

My gaze is turned toward you. I offer you peace for your heart and soul. Allow my blessings to overflow in your life. Experience the fullness of my loving presence, provision, and protection. — Jesus