I’m the Biggest Fool of All

I'm the Biggest Fool of AllIf you can find one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city. Jeremiah 5:1

Lord, forgive me of my sins and my deceit.

O Lord, do not your eyes look for truth? 5:3

Yes, Lord, you look and find dishonesty and those who lie. But your people …

do not say to themselves, “Let us fear the Lord our God… who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest.” Your wrong doings have kept these away. Your sins deprive you of good. 5:24, 25

Father, forgive my sin and help me find a better way.

Among my people are wicked men. Their houses are full of deceit. They have become rich and powerful. Should I not punish them for this? 5:26,27,29

Oh Lord, yes we deserve your punishment, but I ask for mercy, not justice. Have mercy on me. Forgive my sins. Help me to do what is right and just.

No one said a word to him because they saw how great his suffering was. Job 2:13

Lord, the anguish from my sin is great. Forgive me and make things right.

The prudent keep knowledge to themselves, but a fool’s heart blurts out folly. Proverbs 12:23

How foolish I am, Lord. I’m the biggest fool of all.