2 Kings 16

King Ahaz saw an altar in Damascus. He sent Uriah the priest a sketch of the altar with detailed plans for its construction. 2 Kings 16:10

King Ahaz said, “But I will use the bronze altar for seeking guidance.” 2 Kings 16:16

From the bronze altar that stood before the Lord, Ahaz removed the side panels (engraved with lions, bulls, and cherubim), the basins, the Sea, the Sabbath canopy and the royal entryway outside the temple. 2 Kings 16:17

Lord, help me today to ONLY seek guidance from you. May I not be enticed by the altar idols found in foreign temples. 


God uses your reaction to life’s circumstances to fulfill his purposes. Oswald Chambers

It is the work that God does through us that counts, not what we do for him. Oswald Chambers