2nd Kings 21

A Warning to All Nations

A Man's Life Is Nothing“I will forsake the remnant of my inheritance. They have done evil from the day their forefathers came out of …” 2nd Kings 21″14-15

The king did evil in the eyes of the Lord. He followed the detestable practices of the nations. The king led the people astray. 2nd Kings 21:2 & 9

“If only you will be careful to do everything I commanded and keep the WHOLE LAW.” ~ God  2nd Kings 21:8

Lord, we have rebelled against you. I have rebelled against you. I have done evil in your eyes. I have led others astray. Forgive me, Father. Remove my sin and heal my soul. 


Crises always reveals a person’s true character. Oswald Chambers

God’s training ground, where the missionary weapons are found, is the hidden, personal, worshipping life of a saint. Oswald Chambers.