2nd Samuel 11

2nd Samuel 11David sent someone to find out about Bathsheba. 2nd Samuel 11:2

David sent messengers to get Bathsheba. 2nd Samuel 11:4

David got her husband, Uriah, drunk. 2nd Samuel 11:13

David sent some men against the strongest defenders and some of the men in David’s army fell. Uriah died. 2nd Samuel 11:17

Bathsheba mourned for her husband. 2nd Samuel 11:26

David had her. 2nd Samuel 11:27

Lord, David sent men to check onBathsheba. He sent messengers to get her. He sent men to die so he could have her. May you send your Spirit to me today. May you have me and save me. Please forgive me for my sins. 


Christ left the misunderstandings and misconceptions of others to correct themselves. Oswald Chambers

God never gives us discernment so that we may criticize, but that we may intercede. Oswald Chambers

When we preach the cross, the energy of God is released. Oswald Chambers