How To Remove Duplicate Listings of Your Book on Amazon

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This week Southern-fried Fiction author Ane Mulligan discovered her novel Chapel Springs Revival was listed multiple times on This is a growing problem for authors, publishers, and Amazon. In addition to selling these duplicate listings at higher prices, the proliferation of listings also clutters the already over-crowded Amazon store. You might think Amazon would address this issue on their own, but so far they have chosen to place the responsibility of policing this spam issue on authors and publishers. Here is a screen grab of duplicate listings of Ane’s book.

Chapel Springs Revival

Only the top listing is from Ane’s publisher, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Other listings of Ane’s book are more than the list price. They also don’t offer any other versions like Kindle or audiobook. (See below screen grab.)

Chapel Springs Revival-1

Nor do they have the reviews.

Chapel Springs Revival

So how do you get these spam listings removed from Amazon? Easy.

Contact Amazon Author Central from your author page. You have the option to have them call you or email. Ane chose to call. They immediately returned her call. She explained that Chapel Springs Revival is her book but it’s offered by other vendors. She asked them to please make sure that all versions are linked to the one offered by LPC. In this way the correct retail price, all reviews, and all versions will appear on one and only one listing.

This video explains how to remove duplicate listings of your book from your Amazon Author Central page.


Thanks, Ane and Normandie Fischer for bringing this solution to our attention.