Make It Yer Tasks Ter Correctly Handle Skip’s Words of Truth

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer tha crew and Young Timothy

Make It Yer Tasks Ter Correctly Handle Skip’s Words of Truth

The things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others. – 2 Timothy 2:2

Skipper’s words be not chained. Skipper’s words be able ter make ya wise fer getting help from tha Son. All Skipper’s words be like tha wind. They fill our sails, lift our spirits. Skip’s words breathe new life in ter us. Why we kin no more chain tha wind than put shackles on Skip’s words.

Make it yer tasks ter correctly handle Skip’s words of truth. His Good News be tha best kind of report.

As ter talk among tha crew, my advice is ter avoid chatter than deny Skipper’s authority. Folks who say such things be plotting mutinous plans in thar heart. Fellers of that sort will go from bad ter worse. Thar lies and lecherous tales ‘i’ll spread like gangrene.

Skip knows who be with him. Ever man who signs on to follow tha Son must turn aside from all manner of wickedness. In as far as it be up ter ya, pursue love fer ever mate aboard and abroad. Have faith in Skip’s decisions. Behave decently and with a heart that don’ think bad of others or harbor shameful thoughts.

All who serve aboard Skip’s ship must be kind ter EVER ONE, even them who fire upon ya. Ya must also be able ter teach and not be resentful. If ya sent by Skip, then thar be no room fer aggrieved thinking.

When it comes ter instructing them that oppose Skipper and his Code and conduct, correct them gentle like. Who knows, maybe Skip ‘illl grant them a reprieve that leads them ter a knowledge of his ways and his Son. Could be those reprobates ‘ill come ter thar senses and escape from tha snar set by tha devil. All ‘cept them sailing in darkness know how that old pirate Satan doth love ter take captive all he kin and make them do his bidding. If yer instructions turns even one of these mutinous fellers away from his black flag, Skip ‘ill see that as a right good thing and worthy of accommodation.