The Coming of the Lawless One Promotes “One Less Law”

When Jesus Whispers

Lawless One—One-Less-Law

” ‘The Holy One who now restrains those who teach and preach a gospel of one-less-law will continue to hold back the enemy until He is taken out of the way.

“ ‘Those who reject the words of truth and love to believe what is false will be judged. All who take pleasure in wickedness will perish. At that time our Lord’s mighty angels will appear in flaming fire and unleash retribution on those who do not know the Father or obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Away from his presence, the wicked and those who love lies will pay the penalty of eternal destruction.’

“These are the words of my beloved Apostle Paul.” — Jesus

2nd Thessalonians 1: 7-9, 2: 7-12