The Lord Loves the Contrite in Spirit

Isaiah 66:2

The Lord Loves the Contrite in Spirit

The Lord loves the humble.

The Lord loves the contrite in spirit.

The Lord loves those who tremble at his words.

(Isaiah 66:2)

Lord, show me my sin. Help me ter see the scruffiness of my actions with the spyglass vision ya use. Well I know when I see myself the way you spy me, my spirit ‘ill break and sorrow fer what I done ‘ill drive me ter my knees. In humility I ask ya ter inspect me from the tip of my mast ter the bottom of my keel. Point out ter me my barnacles and rot so I ‘ill beg you ter fix me good as new.

Yer words clap with the power of thunder, this well I know. Tremble I do when you speak harsh words ter me. Beg you I do, Lord, be gentle with this old soul. If not, my feeble heart ‘ill fail.