Korah’s Rebellion In Today’s Church

The Great Falling Away

“Korah said, ‘It is not from God that you have received these commandments; you have invented them yourself.’ Korah then assembled 250 men to lead a rebellion. When Moses learned of this, he went to the house of Korah to be reconciled, but the rebels refused to acknowledge the authenticity of God’s word.”

Consider these words from Scripture:

Moses said, “This is how you will know that the Lord has sent me to do all these things and that it was not my idea: If these men die a natural death and suffer the fate of all mankind, then the Lord has not sent me.” (Numbers 16:28-29) “But if they go down alive into the grave, you will know that these men have treated the LORD with contempt.”

Because they shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man,” King Herod was struck down and died. (Acts 12:23)

Jesus: “You say by the prince of demons I do great works. But I tell you this, whoever gives credit to the devil for works done by the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.” (Mark 3:29) “I drive out demons by the Spirit of God.” (Matthew 12:28) “Therefore, anyone who speaks a word against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven.” (Matthew 12:32)

King Nebuchadnezzar said, “I BUILT… by MY power… for My glory… all that which I HAVE DONE is great.” God replied, “Acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign.” Seven years later, when King Nebuchadnezzar came to his sense, he responded, “No one can hold back the HAND of the Most High. No one can say to God, ‘What have you done?’ For everything He does is right. All His ways are just. Those who walk in pride, he humbles'” (Daniel 4:28-37)

Jesus: “David himself, speaking by the Holy Spirit, declared…” (Mark 12:36)

Scripture presents the holiness of God, which sets it apart from all other religious texts. But today, as in the days of Korah’s Rebellion, men and women show contempt for God by declaring, “Our congregation is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them.” (Numbers 16:3)

Perhaps you have heard someone say:

Scripture was not dictated by God. Instead, it was written by men who were trying to express what they believed was God’s will. They wrote in a specific time and culture, and they wrote to meet the needs of the people of their time. While they may have at times written at the prompting of the Spirit, this did not mean that God chose each and every word of scripture or that every word was equally inspired by God. Some parts of the Bible are simply the thoughts of men.”

When we claim that men wrote their ideas of God—rather than saying men transcribed what God said—we are very close, right on the edge, of giving credit to man a work of the Holy Spirit. This is especially the case in the writings of Moses where you find God quoted throughout. In chapter one of Deuteronomy, more than five times God speaks to the people through Moses.

Jesus says when you give to the devil, to man—to anyone credit for a work done by the Holy Spirit—you have crossed a line from which you cannot return.

If someone should advise you that God’s words are not His words but the words of men, please, be careful how you respond. When we make casual comments about the Bible, suggesting its stories and ideas were passed down by men—that men wrote things about God based on their best understanding of Him at that time, we are very near the place where the earth beneath our feet might open its mouth and swallow us, for this is what happened to those in Korha’s camp who showed contempt for God’s words.

If you doubt the authenticity of God’s word, ask to be saved by Jesus. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and be born by His Spirit. If you receive His Spirit into your heart, His Holy Spirit will teach you all that He said—even the things Jesus said with the Father during the time of Moses.

God cannot lie.

God’s Spirit cannot lie.

And God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one in three. All three testify that God’s word IS His word and not the words of men. If you have the Holy Spirit you will know this to be true because He, the Spirit, proves the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment (John 16:8).

Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit (John 20:22).” Peter said, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).” Do this and you will know the one who is Truth and the Truth will set you free from your sins and blindness.