Any Feller Who Wishes Ter Serve as Quartermaster Must Be Upright and of Good Character

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer serving as Quartermaster & First Mate

Any Feller Who Wishes Ter Serve as Quartermaster Must Be Upright and of Good Character

Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task. – 1 Timothy 3 (Timothy 3)

Any feller who wishes ter serve as Quartermaster must be tha husband of one wife, temperate (which means he has a pleasant way about him and be moderate with his drink and eating and such), self-controlled, abler ter keep his tongue in check, respectable, a friendly sort, agreeable, amicable, able ter teach and instruct, sober at all times and not given ter strong drink, gentle and ne’er violent, not prone ter getting inter scuffles and arguments, care little fer money and jewels and fancy clothes. He must be able ter manage his family well and breed young lads and lasses who obey him with respect, fer if a feller don’ know how ter manage his own brood, how kin he care fer Skipper’s crew?

Any feller new ter tha crew be banned from serving as Quartermaster on account of he might come ter think he knows all thar is ter know ‘bout Skipper and tha Sun an’ get a big head. Put such a feller in charge of tha crew and he might fall under tha same judgement as tha devil.

Any feller applying ter be Quartermaster must also have a good reputation with lubbers and them outside tha crew. A mate with a shady reputation might accept a bribe or worse–fall inter tha black-hearted devil’s trap an’ bring disgrace upon himself.

Them wishing ter serve as first mate should be a feller of respect among tha crew, honest and loyal ter Skipper, not a drinker of much wine and rum, honest in all his dealings, and one who keeps ter tha Code at all times. A first mate must have but one wife. Two be one ter many fer any feller. He, too, must be able ter manage tha affairs of his household. Be fer he can serve as first mate, have that crew test him thoroughly ter find tha make of his starch. If nothing be found against him, only then let him serve as first mate.

With regards ter women aboard and thar roles, a first mate’s wife must be a lady of respect, not a malicious talker, agreeable, gentle, and trustworthy in ever thing.