“Do Not Be Silent. I Am With You.” (Acts 18:1-11)

Crispus, Tha Synagogue Ruler, Believed in Tha Son

"Do not be silent. I am with you."

(Acts 18:1-11)

In Corinth Saul Paul stayed with Aquila and Priscilla. When Silas and Tim arrived Saul Paul devoted himself ter preaching and teaching tha words of Skipper in tha synagogue.

Only, some Jews became abusive. Fer this reason Saul Paul shook out his clothes in protest and said ter ’em, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent of it.”  Then he went next door ter tha home of Titus Justus and continued teaching.

When Saul Paul says “Your blood be on your own heads!” this be his way of refusing ter accept any blame fer tha destinty of thar soul. It be a fearful thing ter fall inter tha hands of Skipper and when our obstinance warps our minds, we kin not see our own vile wickedness. Often folks ‘ill think they be blessed and rich when in fact they be wretched and poor and bound fer hell.

Once, during tha night, tha Lord spoke ter Saul Paul in a vision. “Do not be silent. I am with you.”

Fer this reason Saul Paul stayed a year and ah half in Corinth teaching and preaching tha words of Skipper. While doing so, Crispus, tha synagogue ruler, believed in tha Lord, as did his whole household. All whar baptized and joined Skip’s crew.

Make it yer task ter do as Saul Paul. Speak up. Stand firm. If ya find yer self among obstinate folks with ears shut tight, move on ter homes whar Skip’s words be welcomed.  At all times take comfort in knowing that tha Son be with ya and drawing others ter himself through yer teaching and preaching and reaching.