Don’ Get Tangled in Tha Wily Ways of Agitators and Instigators and Alligators (Acts 17:10-15)

Tha Bereans Received Tha Message With Great Eagerness

Don' Get Tangled in Tha Lies of Agitators and Instigators and Alligators

The Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica. Acts 17:11 (Acts 17:10-15)

Tha Bereans received tha message with great eagerness. They examined Skip’s Code of Conduct ever day. They checked ter see if what Saul Paul said whar true. As a result:

  • Many Jews believed.
  • Many Greek fellers believed.
  • A goodly number of prominent Greek lasses believed.

Only tha thing whar, some Jews from Thessalonica arrived in Berea and agitated tha crowds, stirring ’em up. As a result, tha brothers urged Saul Paul ter take off. With help from tha brothers, he reached tha coast and stayed in Athens, leaving behind Silas and Tim.

Make it yer task ter behave as tha Bereans.

  • Examine Skip’s Code of Conduct ever day.
  • Check ter see if what ah teacher or preacher spouts be true.
  • Be on guard fer agitators who stir up folks with lies in order ter wreck yer faith.

When in doubt, check it out. If tha words of others don’ line up with Skip’s, step away. Better ter head off by yerself with only tha Son and his Holy Ghost of Truth, than ter get tangled in tha wily ways of agitators and instigators and alligators.