Faith Produces Hard Work

The Pirate Gospel — First Thessalonians Chapter One

We know, mates, Skipper chose you. How can we be certain? ‘Cause when our gospel reached yer ears, it whar not the words of man but a powerful force, carried along by the Holy Spirit. Yer efforts be a testimony that faith produces hard work, me hearties.

Faith Produces Hard Work, Me Hearties

Faith produces hard work and with this promise of a fresh breeze in a full main, love prompts sound labor. Hope in Skip’s Son inspires endurance as we sail across treacherous seas. Here be the formula fer success.

Prayer leads ter faith. Faith, prompted by love, produces hard work. Hard work produces hope and hope produces endurance. 

You saw how we lived among you, all for yer sake. You took after us — in fact you took after the Son himself! In the face of harsh trials you welcomed our message. All the while ever’ crew member whar filled with joy given by the Holy Spirit. Here be instructions fer how ter recruit new crew.

The Good News of the Son arrives with the words of the Father and Son and the power of the Holy Spirit — the One who convicts us of sin and righteousness. If any lack these three — The Word, Holy Spirit, and power — let ’em pray fer insight, wisdom, knowledge, strength, and the abiding Spirit of the Son.

Be an example fer all believers. Toss over all idols and serve only Skipper. Become imitators of holy, righteous, blameless crew, fer they be the true buccaneers of the faith. Become imitators of Skip’s Son, the head of our crew. Welcome the message of the Holy Spirit. Make it yer task ter ring out the Lord’s message ter all. Tell others how the Lord turned you from idols and sin in order ter join his crew and serve aboard with the Son.

Skip’s Wind refreshes all who sail with Him, offering a cooling breath aboard ship.

With patient endurance, we wait fer the Son ter rescue us from the coming wrath Skipper ‘ill unleash on all who oppose him.

1 Thessalonians 1