Longing Ter See New Crew

The Pirate Gospel — First Thessalonians Chapter Two

Longing Ter See New Crew

You know, me hearties, that our visit ter yer port of call had its share of adventures and dangers. Our longing whar ter see new crew. We ‘ave faced the rough seas in the past, like in Philippi, where we whar treated worse than scallywags, but with the help of Skipper, we dared ter bring you the gospel, even in the face of a fierce gale.

Paul’s Pure Motives

We did not arrive with wicked motives or tried ter pull a fast one on you. Quite the opposite, we spake as those given the seal of approval by Skipper, entrusted with his gospel. Our aim whar not ter please fellers, but ter please Skipper fer he checks our hearts’ motives. Not once did we lather our words with honey.

We dared ter tell you the truth of Skipper’s Good News, fer his Good News contains some hard truths.

Even when we faced strong opposition, we kept to the Covenant Code and refused ter serve watered-down grog, but instead ter dole out the strong words of Skip’s Spirit. Our appeal did not spring from error or impure motives.

Though we be ambassadors of Christ and could’ve thrown our weight around, not a one of us sought praise from men.

We do not seek the praise of men, fer seeking the approval from fellers be a temptation that leads a mate into a snare. 

No, instead, we whar like young deckhands among you, working along side, pulling our weight, and acting in humility while we served you. This be the example of the Son we always seek ter present.

Look After the Needs of Others

Just as a mother bird tends ter her fledglings, we looked after you. We had such love in our hearts fer you that we were overjoyed not only ter share the gospel of Skipper with you but to share our lives as well. Me thinks you remember the hard work and long hours we put in, laboring day and night, so as not ter be a burden ter anyone while we preached Skipper’s gospel ter you.

You can bear witness ter how we lived among you, leadin’ lives that whar pure, righteous, and beyond reproach — especially fer those who trust in the Son. Just as a father guides his own children, we encouraged, consoled, and urged you ter live lives that honor Skipper.

And we be eternally grateful ter Skipper, fer when you accepted the word of Skipper, which you heard from us, you didn’t take it as the words of mere mortals.

You recognized the word of Skipper fer what it truly be:  life and death, salvation and condemnation. Life ter those who believe. Death ter those who reject Skipper’s word — who reject his Son who IS the Word made flesh.

You see, me hearties, you became imitators who now follow the ways of the Son. You suffered at the hands of yer own people, just as we suffer at the hands of the Jews who crucified the Son.

Such rabble be in rebellion against Skipper and hostile ter his word.  In thar rebellion, they be pilin’ up thar sins higher and higher, and Skipper’s wrath be brewin’, ready ter strike ’em down.

Now, me hearties, when we were temporarily separated from you (not in thought, but in person), we felt like orphaned sailors, adrift on the sea. Our yearning ter see you again whar strong, and we made every effort ter reach yer port. We longed ter be with you, but the devil himself blocked our way. Yes, some days Skipper allows the devil ter give us fits.

But no matter, fer you be our hope, our joy, and the crown of which we boast. When the Lord Jesus comes it ‘ill be our glory and our joy ter see you once more. Therefore, go forth in the knowledge that whether we live or die we ‘ill see you soon.

1 Thessalonians 2