He Prayed Earnestly

Finding Jesus

He Prayed Earnestly

“If it is possible . . .”
“If it is not possible . . .”
“Everything is possible . . .”
(Mark 14:32-41) (Matthew 26:39, 42)

That be tha prayer of tha Sun as he prepared ter face his final day on earth as a man. He knowed ever thing be possible fer his father, Skipper, but whar it Skip’s will fer tha Sun ter die in a torturous manner? That be tha question tha Sun put ter Skipper.

“If it is possible . . . let this cup of agony pass.”  How many of us ask Skipper tha same sort of question? “Oh, please, I beg you Father, do not make me go through this. But if it is not possible . . . give me your strength. Only I know with you everything is possible, so I am asking one more time: are you sure? Does it have to end this way?”

Tha Sun knelt down and prayed.
He prayed earnestly.
Sweat dripped like drops of blood.

Is this how we come ter Skip when we be overwhelmed by events pressing down on us? Doth we drop ter our knees and hug tha feet of tha Sun so tightly that tears stream down our cheeks and our arms ache from holding on ter him?

An angel from heaven strengthened tha Sun. (Luke 22:43)

Most likely we not be visited by angels during our time of testing, but we would do well ter remember that Skip sent angels during tha Sun’s days of temptation in tha wilderness and agin right be fer his death. If Skip ‘ill do that fer tha Sun, might we be so bold as ter ask that he send his angels ter minister ter us in our hour of need?

Tha Sun prayed for one hour.
He prayed the same thing a second time.
A third time he returned from praying. (Mark 14:36, 37,41)

We only ‘ave a hint at what tha Sun prayed fer, but we knowed he prayed three times, most likely an hour each go ’round. Would we be willing ter spend three hours praying fer our life, fer the lives of them we love? Fer our enemies?

“Watch and pray.”
“Get up and pray.” (Luke 22:46)
But exhausted with sorrow, his disciples fell asleep. (Luke 22:46)

Three times tha Sun told his mates ter pray and keep an eye out fer trouble. Only none could. Thar eyes be heavy, minds foggy, bodies weak. In our own strength we kin not pray with tha ferver of tha Sun. With tha help of his Holy Ghost of Truth, though, we kin. Ne’er rely on yer own stamina and strength ter get up close ter Skipper. No, instead, rely on his Spirit ter prop open yer eyes, unstuck yer ears, free yer tongue, and open yer heart ter his love.

If we live long enough and nothing sudden happens, we ‘ill most likely ‘ave ter face our night be fer death. When it comes let us turn back ter tha Sun and let his Spirit be our strength during our time of departure.