“Jesus I Know, and Paul I Know About, but Who Are You?” (Acts 19:8-16)

Some who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed

“Jesus I Know, and Paul I Know About, but Who Are You?”

“Jesus I Know, and Paul I Know About, but Who Are You?” Acts 19:15 (Acts 19:8-16)

While in Ephesus, Saul Paul spake boldly fer three months in tha synagogue. Thar he carefully explained how tha Son be Skip’s boy and how all who repent of thar sins and believe in tha Son ‘ill be saved. Only some obstinate fellers refused ter believe. Worse they publicly maligned tha Way, spouting all sorts of lies ’bout Saul Paul’s message and his teachings.

Fer this reason Saul Paul moved ter tha lecture hall of Tyrannus. Thar he spent two years preaching and teaching tha words of Skip. During such time as this Saul Paul worked many extraordinary miracles and cast out a whole passel of evil spirits: so much so that even tha handkerchiefs and aprons that brushed agin him whar taken ter tha sick and they whar healed.

In tha midst of all this some fellers who be tha sons of Sceva happened by. Seeing as how Saul Paul wielded such power by simply invoking tha name of tha Son, tha Seven sought ter grab a wee bit of fame fer themselves and practice exorcism in tha Son’s name. They would spout, “In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.”

Only one time while they tried this, an evil spirit answered ’em. “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” Right then tha poor feller who had tha evil spirit in him pounced on tha Seven. Tha evil spirit gave tha Seven such ah beating that they ran out of tha house naked and bleeding.

As a result, tha name of tha Son became held in high honor, as it should be. Many folks openly confessed thar evil deeds. Ah goodly number who practiced sorcery and demonic divination brought thar scrolls tergether and burned ’em in public. More and more after this tha word of tha Son spread.

Think on this ah wee little bit: tha power ter cast out evil spirits, heal folks, and perform miracles doth not reside in ah name but a person — and that chap be tha Son. Simply saying his name like it be a magic chant ‘ill no more bring down his power than mumbling senseless words. No, if ya seek tha power of tha Son ya ‘ill need his Holy Ghost of Truth. Even then, ya need ter make sure that tha prayer ya praying and task ya seeking ter do be in Skip’s will. While on earth tha Son doth not heal ever feller, but only them who Skip authorized, fer tha Son always and only did his father’s business.

Tha warning we kin take from this short tale be this: dealing in magic, chants, sorcery, and messing around with evil spirits kin lead ter a beating and worse: tha sort of death that ne’er ends.

Tha encouragement we kin take from this short tale be this: if Skip calls ya ter do his business and ya obey, his power through tha Holy Ghost of Truth ‘ill flow through ya inter others.

Start with prayer. Start with seeking Skip’s will. Avoid showy signs meant ter bring attention ter yesrself. In all things point back ter tha Son fer he alone be worth honor and glory.

Finally, ne’er ferget this: evil spirits know tha Son. Question be, doth ya know tha Son? And if an evil spirit whar asked ’bout ya, would they know ya ter be a follower of tha Son?