Live To Please the Lord

The Pirate Gospel — First Thessalonians Chapter Four

Live ter please Skipper: “live to please the Lord!” By the authority of the Son, we urge you ter do this more and more.

Live To Please the Lord

It be Skipper’s will that you be set apart and made holy. Ter this purpose, we advise you ter avoid all forms of sexual immorality. Thar be no need ter list the many ways we violate our bodies in such wicked ways; you know the commands in Leviticus 18. Therefore, I implore you ter learn ter control yer own body. Live in a way that be holy and honorable ter the Son. Do not lust like the pagans, who do not know Skipper. They be slaves ter the desires of thar flesh and commit acts that be detestable ter Skipper. You, however, be slaves ter the Son and his righteousness.

With regard ter this instruction, no one should wrong or take advantage of a brother, sister, or neighbor. As we warned you before, the Son ‘ill punish all those who commit sexual sins, fer Skipper called us ter live a holy and pure life.

Any feller or lass who rejects this instruction rejects Skipper, fer he gives you his Holy Spirit and his Holy Spirit gives us his commands.

Love one another and make it yer ambition ter lead a quiet life: Mind yer own business and work with yer hands. In this way, you ‘ill have no need ter rely on anybody fer yer daily bread. Yer daily life ought ter win the respect of lubbers and others not in our crew, so work hard and help all who ask fer help.

Set Yer Sights on Pleasin’ Skipper

Set yer sights on pleasin’ the Skipper above all else. His will be clear as the North Star — he wants you ter be set apart and made holy. Take heed of this advice from the crew of the righteous ship. Steer well clear of all forms of sexual immorality, for it be as treacherous as the deadliest reef.

Be not like ’em pagan scallywags who know not the ways of Skipper. They be slaves ter thar own flesh and actin’ in wicked ways. But we, mates, be slaves ter the Son, and keep is Code out of love fer him.

1 Thessalonians 4:1-12